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Free US Shipping On All Product Orders $99+
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Give The Gift Of Personal Empowerment

Want to honor someone on their birthday? Maybe, you know someone who needs a pick me up?
Mama Moon Rocks™ now offers gift certificates for those in your life you admire.

Give the gift of personal empowerment by allowing your people to shop for themselves.

Gift Certificates can be sent electronically, or if you wish for your person to experience a surprise in their mailbox, we can mail the Gift Certificate to their home or office location.

Mama Moon Rocks™ Favorite Things ...

Looking to enhance your Crystals collection, get deeper answers, or have tools that can assist you in shining bright?
Mama Moon Rocks™ herself shares some of her favorite things that can bring you more love, peace, and healing …

The Golden Path To Wisdom & Love Awaits ...

Shop Our Newest Collections Below

Discover our latest collection releases, designed to elevate your vibes, expand your thinking, and facilitate healing for you and your loved ones. Embrace the path of spiritual tools that embody brilliance, love, and golden wisdom. Explore now!

The unique packaging & shipping experience of Mama Moon Rocks...

We know how it feels to be LOVED to the fullest, so with every order, we carefully place your products into our fun and bright packaging, allowing ALL of your goodies to feel like they’ve been wrapped in a secure hug …

With our one-of-a-kind packaging experience … you’ll feel the love too! As a bonus, we include the vinyl sticker of the Mama Moon Rocks™ logo and a FREE gift carefully placed in an orange bag of fresh lavender.

We LOVE to educate ... all orders of Crystals, Sage, or other applicable products include informational cards.

Unlock Your Inner Power & Potential With Our Shop By Zodiacs Collection

Are you ready to truly flourish and reach your highest potential? Look no further than our Shop By Zodiacs Collection! These exceptional quality crystals and stones will help bring vitality into all aspects of your being, allowing you to unlock your inner power and potential while activating positive energy in ALL areas of life. Act now, find your Zodiac sign below, and amplify your strengths today!

My Mission Is Simple ...

Hi! I AM Megan, the proud owner of Mama Moon Rocks™, and I know you’ve come across this as it was meant to be … there was a feeling, a nudge, a need, a desire … 

My mission is simple … I am here to assist others by providing high vibe crystals and other metaphysical products specifically chosen to help humans in the process of manifesting, co-creating, healing, and making dreams come true.

My hope is ...

That you’ll experience what your heart desires while you shop the Mama Moon Rocks™ online store … that is why I personally select every product … so you will experience precisely what you need exactly when you need it.

As powerful souls doing the work in life, we deserve the absolute best high vibing products and spiritual tools possible, and that is what everyone will find in the Mama Moon Rocks™ online store.

My Only Ask ...

My only ask is simple … and deeply rooted in the highest good for all … As you shop, I request you to open your heart,  so your intuition can guide your experience.

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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Mama Moon Rocks™ has selected these beautiful offerings to bring HEALING, LIGHT, and POWER. From Crystals, Cards, Jewelry, and Apparel to Sacred Offerings, Health + Wellness, and unique Gifts + Kits, each product is chosen with the fierce intention of helping every shopper feel strong, loved, grounded, and at peace. Purchase one product or create a powerful blend all of your own with these uplifting products.

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Need Help Shopping?

We know what it’s like to have a wish, desire, and goal that you want to be fulfilled. If you are unsure what to buy yourself or another person you cherish, we can help guide your intuition to find the perfect gift(s). Tell us what you hold deep within your heart, or share a little bit about the person you cherish, and we’ll handle the rest!

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The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, a celebration of life, a holiday, or an expression of admiration, a shopping gift certificate from Mama Moon Rocks™ online crystal shop allows your friends, loved ones, clients, and fellow light workers to select items at just the right time!

Megan Meyer and Mom

To The One Who Guided Me Into This Realm

Dear Mom, I must admit that when you first shared the vision of Mama Moon Rocks™ … and that I was meant to be the conduit of it ALL … I thought you were having a sugar rush like someone who ate a boat load of skittles in one sitting.

Now being where I am … I know that I will never be able to fully express how grateful I am for you in human words. So, I will honor you … and every single human who comes to this site … by focusing on the feeling of love, gratitude, and admiration, so the “power of feeling” can communicate on my behalf.

Thank you for being by my side all of my life and being the one who guided me into this realm of Mama Moon Rocks™.

Peace, Love, & Crystals


Words are powerful & have the ability to bring happiness, which makes them even more special!

With our online store, you’re never too far from the love, support, and high-vibing goodies you can wear, use as decor, add to your spiritual toolbox, and make into the exact oasis you need. Read what the Mama Moon Rocks™ tribe has to say about our beautiful products, easy shopping experience, and one-of-a-kind shipping process that makes each client feel cherished and appreciated with every order.

Packaging is SOOOO SECURE!

“I ordered from Megan a few weeks ago and everything I ordered was of such amazing quality. She is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with! The packaging was very cute and the packaging SOOOO SECURE! There was no chance of any damage happening!! I will absolutely be going to Mama Moon Rocks™ first every time for all my needs!” 🥰

- Renee Nicole

Looking forward to ordering again ...

I received my first order and am absolutely blown away. From the beauty of my Rose Quartz Sphere, to the careful packaging, to the prompt receipt of my package, not to mention a nice little note from Megan, such a great first experience with Mama Moon Rocks™. I am so looking forward to ordering again, working on my shopping cart now! Thank you Mama Moon Rocks ! 😇♥

- Janiene Poushay

Great packaging, detailed card notes about each piece ...

I love Mama Moon Rocks™ so much! Megan is literally the kindest soul you could ever meet! I ordered from her for the first time just recently, and wasn’t disappointed. Everything came in great packaging, detailed card notes about each piece I ordered, and she was even kind enough to throw in a sweet note and a 7 chakra set to get my crystal collection started. Can’t wait to make further purchases with this company.

- Chelsea Schultz

FREE US shipping on Orders $99+

You can earn FREE priority shipping when you purchase a powerful blend of Mama Moon Rocks™ products that total over $99 before tax or any other fees.

The Journey Starts Here ...

What if you could learn how to transform your worries and fears into calm and grounded energy? That’s what we’ve built here just for YOU.
Take a deep breath, let those shoulders relax, and allow us to show you the way with our alchemy of words and crystals!

5 Crystals For Every Zodiac Sign: Amplify Your Intimate Bedroom Moments
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Amplify Your Intimate Bedroom Moments: 5 Crystals For Every Zodiac Sign

Looking to spark a fiery passion, strengthen your emotional bond, and tap into hidden desires with your partner during those intimate bedroom moments? Then, this blog is your secret tool! Let the enchanting power of crystals turn your intimate encounters into a dance of love, connection, mystical delight, and more. Dive into the secrets of these ancient stones and watch as your bedroom transforms into a haven of profound intimacy and electric passion.

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Crystal Feng Shui For A Harmonious Home: A 10-Day Journey

Ready to take a captivating exploration into the practical mastery of crystal placement within your home? Within this blog article, I introduce the art of crystal fen shui, where you can arrange specific crystals in key areas to transform your home into a high-vibrational sanctuary that services your soul’s purpose and desires. From the kitchen, where meals are prepared with love, to the tranquility of your bedroom and even the focus-required realms of your workspace, with this journey, you will feel the ambiance of balanced energy and divine love within your home.

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Enhancing ADHD Management with the Energy of Crystals: The Ultimate Calm Amid the Chaos

Navigating the world with ADHD is like maneuvering through a relentless storm; every day brings a new whirlwind brimming with hyperactivity, a cascade of thoughts, a rollercoaster of emotions, triggers at every turn, and often, a sense of overwhelming turmoil. In the midst of such constant turbulence, finding a steadfast anchor becomes crucial for individuals with ADHD, aiding them in carving out a life marked by tranquility and authentic joy. In this blog post, I’ll explore the myriad ways crystals can act as a vital steadying force for those with ADHD.

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