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Transform Your Crystals: 5 Simple + Powerful Cleansing Techniques

Crystals and stones are magical helpers and the secret weapon of self-care that can breathe life into your home, help you stay focused on financial goals, attract love (though not overnight!), and more. But you’ve gotta do your part by keeping them clean energetically. By performing consistent cleansings on your crystal collection, you are honoring your crystals – this is the highest form of reverence to a crystal, and they will do whatever they can to help you experience faster and more effective results when they feel the love.

Before I dig into the process of cleansing your crystals, let’s do a quick recap of some essential things to know when it comes to these miraculous, energetic beings of light;

The Deets: What Crystals Absorb & Why Cleansing Is Required

Crystals can retain energy from their surroundings, whether from the people handling them or the environments they encounter. They can absorb negative energy from nearby objects like trash in your purse or if they soak up resentment from someone who might have handled them during their journey. If crystals traveled from a non-peaceful place or experience before they came into your reality, then they more than likely have soaked up some vibrations that might not be helpful for them in the long term.

While crystals are masters at helping negative energies transform into love, they can lose their vitality when exposed to lower frequencies of energy constantly, making them sluggish, dim, and less effective. The really amazing thing is that crystals can heal themselves; however, it can take a long time to get back to their balance point.

If the negative energies are potent or trauma energy is incredibly intense, they will need help dissolving and letting go of what is no longer serving them before they fracture, break, or shatter.

The excellent news is that humans can help these beauties by performing quick, simple cleansings like bathing them in the mystical light of the full Moon, exposing them to high frequencies from singing bowls, or using the ‘supercharger’ crystals to amplify their powers and more.

cleansing: selenite crystals have the power to heal, recharge, and transform anything

Feel The Power: 5 Ways To Cleanse & Program Your Crystals

If you are on a mission to make your dreams come true, adding any of the below cleansing processes will help get your crystal cleansed;

Seeking to take your healing to the next level? Perform a handful of these processes each week and stay consistent with them. By creating a structured cleansing ritual, your crystals will sparkle, shine, and vibe high no matter the task at hand;

Revitalize Your Crystals with Divine Frequencies

The power of sound frequency has been harnessed for centuries to raise vibrations on Earth. By utilizing spiritual tools such as singing bowls, you can instantly elevate any vibration to its highest level. Whether your crystals require a quick revitalization or a thorough cleansing to eliminate resistance and negative frequencies, a singing bowl ritual can effectively achieve this. Follow these simple steps to get the job done efficiently;

  1. If cleansing just one crystal, place it in front of you, or if you have a crystal collection, put them into a circle pattern around you, allowing space for you to sit in the center with your singing bowl
  2. Get into a comfortable seating position
  3. Close your eyes, take a deep inhale, and exhale x 3 to remove any excessive energy from your system
  4. Call your guides and spirit team forward and ask them to surround you and your crystal(s)
  5. Place your singing bowl in the palm of your hand
    a. With the wooden mallet, gently rub the outside rim of your singing bowl in a circular motion – keeping an even pressure
    b. Lightly increase the speed of your movement as the bowl vibrates. As the sound grows, you can increase your pace even further. (consider tapping the bowl once to begin the vibration)
  6. Continue this cleansing until you get the nudge or ‘knowing‘ that the cleansing is complete
  7. Place your singing bowl in front of you and take a few minutes to soak up the cleansing energy
  8. When ready, take a few deep breaths to get grounded back into your body
  9. Say ‘thank you’ to your guides and spirit team
  10. Place your crystal into your dominant hand and set a new intention

If you have a crystal collection, speak your intention out loud to all of your crystals

Pair Your Crystals With ‘Supercharger’ Energy

Enhance the power of your crystals by pairing them with selenite or clear quartz. These ‘supercharger’ crystals can cleanse and charge other crystals without depleting their energy. This ideal combination is perfect for those wishing to give crystals an extra boost or might be short on time.

Place your crystals in a selenite bowl or charging plate, or place them over a cluster of clear quartz cubes and let them work their magic while you’re away or asleep. Make the most of your practice by laying your crystals and tumbled stones on a clear quartz or selenite charging plate for at least 6 hours.

Give Your Crystal A Powerful Full Moon Bath

Enhance your crystals’ energy with a powerful full Moon bath. The Moon’s energy will cleanse and recharge your crystals, eliminating any negative or stagnant energies they may have absorbed. To perform this method;

  1. Find a clean, safe outdoor spot for your crystals to rest overnight
  2. Place your crystals in a row, triangle, or circle
  3. Retrieve them in the morning before sunlight touches them

Trust your intuition to determine how frequently your crystals need Moonlight cleansing; some may require a full Moon bath more often than others.

Want to amp up your sparkle? When you place your crystals in a triangle or circle, fill a mason jar with water, seal it, and put it in the center of your layout. When you retrieve your newly charged crystals, drink the glass filled with ‘full Moon’ charged water!

Surround Your Crystals With Mother Energy Via The Earth

For crystals working hard or exposed to intense trauma energy, it’s best to bury them for a while. Whether you bury them underground or bring dirt into your home via a plant holder, the healing, recharging, and replenishing process will be maximized.

If burying outside;

  1. Pick a safe spot that you will remember.
  2. Dig a hole that is 4-6” deep.
  3. Neatly place your crystal(s) in the earth.
  4. Bury them snuggly and say a prayer or set an intention for them.

If using a planter;

Opt for a large-sized planter and bury your crystals in the center for optimal results.

Whether outside or indoors within a planter, leave your crystals buried for at least 21 nights.

For crystals needing intensive healing, leave them buried for at least six months.

Harness The Power Of Smudging Sage

Smudging with sage can refresh and purify energy while addressing any issues your crystals may have. For instant rejuvenation and equilibrium, ignite a sage smudge stick or a sage bundle and shower your crystals in cleansing sage smoke.

Ensure you have a burner with incense near your most potent crystals for maximum long-term effectiveness.

As a healer and empath, incorporating burning sage into your daily cleansing routine is essential. Check out our in-depth smudging sage article here to learn more about this.

cleansing tip: smudging sage can bring peace when engaging with others

The FAQs: Cleansing, Programming & Storing Crystals

How To Determine If A Stone Needs A Cleansing?

If a crystal or stone appears dull in color, lackluster, or you’re struggling to see it clearly, it needs a cleansing.

For those who have a connection with their crystals based on intuition rather than visual perception, try holding them in your dominant hand. If you can feel them, but their energy is low, close your eyes and ask your crystal what type of cleansing it needs. Your crystal will communicate a vision, feeling, or vibration of knowing what cleansing to perform.

If you cannot sense their vitality or vibration, or your hand feels empty when holding your crystal, it indicates that it requires a deep cleansing, burying it underground or in the dirt via a planter.

If the crystal appears vibrant and lively, it is good to go; you can express your gratitude and continue your day.

Is One Of The Above Crystal Cleansing More Effective Than Another?

The technique’s effectiveness comes down to the human and your innate gifts. Some humans love using singing bowls and have found that surrounding the environment and the crystals with the divine frequencies delivers an instant shift in energy, allowing everything to rise to the level of healing vibration.

Others love working with the energy of ‘supercharger’ crystals and discovering what specific crystal powers up another crystal.

Whether you choose to smudge, bury your crystals, bathe them in the full Moonlight, or any other techniques I offered above, your intuition will show you which is the most impactful for your crystals and you as the lightworker.

Also, you can play with all the cleanings above or just one or two techniques, and they will cleanse your crystals. These processes are about expanding your experience and deeply listening to which method gives you an extra boost compared to others.

Why Didn’t You Mention Salt Water Or Cold Water Cleansing?

While many use water cleansing via salt water and cold water as a cleansing technique, there are many restrictions about what crystals thrive with any water – especially salt water. That said, I have opted not to talk about that specific cleansing as I wish for your crystals and stones to stay at their optimal potential and shine brilliantly!

What Is Programming Or Intention Setting When It Comes To Crystals?

Crystal programming is all about setting your intentions and forming a strong bond with your crystal. Take a moment to ponder what truly matters to you. What sets your soul on fire? Don’t hold back; this is your chance to manifest your dreams and embrace the feeling of it with an open heart and mind. Once you accomplish the ‘power of feeling’ where your mind, body, and soul can feel or see the vision you have, continue with the following steps to program your crystals with your intentions:

  1. Get in a comfortable sitting position in a quiet space and close your eyes
  2. Ground and settle into your human body by using a breathing technique like inhaling for a 6 second count, holding breath for 4 seconds, then exhaling for 6 seconds
  3. Secure your crystals by;
    a. Placing one crystal or stone in your dominant hand, then place your other hand above your dominant hand
    b. Or, if you have a small crystal or several pieces, place the crystal(s) in your dominant hand and then cover them with your other hand, creating a closed clasp
    c. If you have a crystal collection, then place them in front of you on the ground, hold your hands close to your chest, and have your palms facing your crystals
  4. Take a deep breath and imagine the purest, brightest light surrounding you and your crystal
  5. Share with your crystals telepathically with words or visions of your dream, hope, or wish
  6. When you feel that the intention has been set, shower your crystal(s) with love, peace, and happiness
  7. Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and carry on

Congratulations! Your crystals are now programmed and ready to help you make all your desires become a reality.

What Should I Do With My Stones After They’ve Been Cleansed?

Crystals just love to be the star of the show! And when they can be helpful, they’re absolutely thrilled. If you can swing it, pop them near windows or plants so they can soak up all that incredible healing energy from nature. If not, scatter those beauties around your space, whether it’s your home sweet home, your cool office space, or anywhere else that floats your intention-filled boat. Remember, crystals hate being cooped up in a box or drawer. They want to be out in the open, just like you! Let them breathe and experience the world.

5 Cleansing Methods To Transform Your Showcase Of Crystals

Start Elevating Your Crystal's Inner Power Now

Caring for your crystals means caring for yourself. By releasing negative energy in a peaceful and healing way, you create a space to release and let go of all the energies and vibrations that no longer serve your crystal. Whether purchasing a new crystal or caring for an existing piece in your crystal collection, a commitment to regular cleansing will energize and refresh your crystals on both the inside and outside.

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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