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5 Effective Strategies To Defend Against Psychic Attacks & Dissolve Negative Energy

While experiencing contrasting energies is normal in life, if the energy intensity is causing you to have extreme feelings of loneliness, depression, or despair, then you more than likely have been targeted by another. When it comes to psychic attacks, the negative energy feeds off your life force and can go unnoticed if not addressed. Unfortunately, if you leave a psychic attack to run wild, you’ll invite negative, harmful, or shadow energies into your life.

The great news is that you can clear any attack, no matter how negative, harmful, or evil the intentions are, by raising your vibration, living your life of authentic truth, and having a consistent spiritual practice or energy cleansing routine. By being proactive, you can prevent any future psychic attacks from taking root in your life.

Continue reading below for some truthful guidance to nip any psychic attack before it can create massive health problems and soul lessons;

What The Heck Is A Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack is the projection of negative energy from one person to another through thoughts, words, notions, intentions, or ideas. This energy can manifest as blocks in the auric layers, chakras, and emotional cords of the receiver. If you are ‘sleepwalking,’ these blocks can impede your ability to think, feel, and experience life in an empowered state until they are identified and released (think foggy brain, disorientation, forgetfulness, or extreme ‘out of the blue’ fatigue where you have no energy for anything).

As everything is energy, any form of negative energy in the form of a full-blown attack or harmful intention can be transformed back to love, restoring the energetic balance.

Note: If someone has opted to make you a target of their negative intentions and energy, they will face severe consequences and more than likely inherit karmic debt.

Why Do Psychic Attacks Exist?

Viewing a psychic attack constructively, both parties offer an opportunity to stimulate or stir the chance to learn fundamental life lessons, which are instrumental for expanding the soul. These may include lessons on loving oneself, expressing authenticity, forgiveness, worthiness, experiencing unconditional love, feeling satisfied, etc.

More often than not, the originator of the psychic assault is consumed by their diminished self-perception or shadow self, giving it control. Those who send psychic attacks can include relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, business partners, or colleagues, typically those with whom we share karmic bonds. At the end of the day, psychic attacks reveal deep-seated issues that we might need to work through or heal.

What Are The Signs I’m Under A Psychic Attack?

Sometimes it’s obvious when someone’s negativity is directed toward you, but other times it can be a subtle psychic attack. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it might be a sign that you’re the recipient of such an attack:

  • You’re lacking your usual mental clarity and confidence, particularly in your area of expertise
  • You feel like your life is falling apart, and you’re doubting your decisions
    Making decisions is overwhelming and confusing
  • You’re exhausted and can barely get out of bed
  • You’re having trouble sleeping
  • You feel depressed
  • You’re frequently getting cold or flu symptoms
  • Everything seems to be going wrong – you feel like you’ve got a “Charlie Brown cloud” over your head
  • You’ve suffered multiple major losses
  • You have chronic pain, like headaches or backaches
  • You’re feeling blocked and unmotivated to move forward in life
  • You can’t communicate effectively or confidently

Over time, you might accept these symptoms as your “normal,” but they’ll only worsen if you don’t release the negative energy. Don’t let it continue – take action to protect your energy and well-being.

Stop Any Psychic Attack In Its Tracks With These Techniques

Don’t let fear and anxiety take over if you feel like a psychic attack is targeting you. There’s no need to feel helpless because there are practical and effective ways to protect your energy.

Browse below to learn ways to take control of your energy and dissolve any energy that is not for your highest good;

The Strength Of Intention: Protect Yourself From Negative Energy With Intention

Shielding yourself with a golden light is a quick and effective way to safeguard your energy from negative influences. Before leaving the house or entering any environment with negative energy, create a protective shield around your body by following a simple visualization exercise. Imagine a golden light emanating from your periphery, enveloping you with positive energy. You can also amplify its power by immersing yourself in a violet flame that transforms negativity into positivity.

To make your shield more potent, speak your intention aloud and confidently. Banish any negative entities draining your energy, and reaffirm your intention to protect yourself from negativity. With a clear intention and visualization, you can dispel negative energy from your being and stay energized throughout the day.

cleansing tip: smudging sage can bring peace when engaging with others
Sage can clear any form of negative energy and reduce or eliminate the impact of psychic attacks instantly

The Art Of Cleansing: Refresh Your Energy And Space With Cleansing Techniques

Negative environments can leave a lasting impact on your energy and home. That’s why maintaining positive energy is so vital for your well-being. Cleanse your energy and home regularly with sage, incense, or sprays to maintain energetic hygiene. Stagnant and negative energy can collect around your space and energetic field, leading to an unbalanced state.

If you prefer visualization, cleanse your home energetically by setting an intention and visualizing white light filling every corner. Powerful crystals like clear quartz, black obsidian, and labradorite are effective for cleansing your home. Include candles for protection and play 528 Hz frequency. By making these cleansing techniques part of your routine, you’ll be more aware of the energy around you and take steps to refresh yourself and your space.

The Power Of Asking: Get Help From Higher Power Assistance To Fight Psychic Attacks

When faced with psychic attacks, remember that you’re not alone. Call upon the Universe, God, Angels, ancestors, or any other higher power you believe in to help remove negative energy around you. You can do this through invocation, by writing, or by completing specific actions or rituals that are important to you.

How To Write An Invocation:

  1. Start by cleansing yourself and your home with sage
  2. Write a letter to the Universe requesting their help in removing negative energy
  3. Address the Universe, date the letter, and sign your name
  4. Use a protection candle to burn the invocation or petition letter (practice candle safety and ensure the candle burns without interruption)
  5. Let the Universe aid you in purging negativity from your life
  6. Close your request by giving thanks for the assistance
  7. Move your body outdoors if possible
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The Shield of Protection: Proactively Defend Yourself And Your Home With Spiritual Tools

Protect yourself and your home from negative energies with protective crystals and other high-vibe spiritual tools. Dark crystals like black tourmaline, black obsidian, and black onyx are potent protectors that can repeal, transmute, and bind negativity away from you. Clear quartz and selenite are also excellent for absorbing negative energy. Wear these crystals as bracelets or necklaces, or strategically place them around your home. Talismans, like spiritual and religious statues or custom-made symbols like ruins, protect your home effectively. Place them in your pocket, around your house, or above door or window frames for added protection.

Tap into the power within your divine power with this self-love manifesting kit designed to manifest love for yourself.

Avoid A Psychic Attack: Tips To Elevate Your Vibration

It’s crucial to remember that giving away your power creates a crack in your field, allowing a psychic attack to take root. If you embrace your strength and proactively elevate your vibration, you can shield yourself from these destructive forces. Below are some simple tips to help you gain higher frequencies so you can repel negativity;

  • Get your body moving and stay active
  • Regularly cleanse your physical and emotional space with sage, incense, or spray
  • Find excitement and inspiration in life
  • Connect with nature
  • Practice meditation
  • Listen to high-frequency music to elevate your mood
  • Wear or have highly vibrational crystals around you at all time
  • Nourish your body with a healthy, clean diet
  • Say no to alcohol, drugs, and casual sex
  • Surround yourself with positive people and environments
  • Recite positive affirmations daily
  • Elevate your vibration and let your energy repel negativity
  • Create a daily ritual of clearing your mind and emotions

In addition, make sure to regularly cleanse your space and aura, eat clean, avoid excessive alcohol, drugs, and sex, distance yourself from toxic environments and people, and live with positive intentions. With these practices, you can easily maintain high energy levels, combat any form of attack and thrive!

You Are The Answer: Commit To Maximizing Your Energy

You are your greatest line of defense, and when you commit to maximizing your energy, your divine light will help you thrive in life, no matter the odds or chaos. My wish for you is that you commit to following the simple strategies above so you can master your highest vibration level so psychic attacks and negative energy no longer have an impact on your life.
Peace, Love, & Crystals


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