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My Story

My name is Megan and I am the proud owner of Mama Moon Rocks™ …  I would love to tell you that this enchanting, powerful business started with ease and grace … that’s NOT how my journey started as a Light Warrior …

I discovered my power and gifts by walking through fire after fire until the coping behaviors I created no longer worked ...

Maybe you can resonate …
I did ALL the right things in life …
I am a registered nurse by trade and came to a crossroads in the Spring of 2021 …
I was emotionally and spiritually broken and hopeless due to my alcohol addiction.
Add my mission to help people … serve my community … follow the rules … hold the best intentions … think positive thoughts …
I did not realize in the moment just how overwhelmed I was. Like many humans, I reached for a coping element … it started innocently… I just wanted to relax, let loose, and unwind … if I had the words then that I have now, I just didn’t want to feel SO much at one time.
With that first drink, everything heavier felt lighter … and, eventually, that coping turned into an addiction …

By surrendering all that I could not control, I gracefully opened the gateway to learning that I am a highly sensitive being ...

I decided to make a choice to dig deeper into my habits … behaviors … beliefs … and realign my entire life.
This led to me courageously walking into rehab with the full intention of BEING.
What I did not realize is that by surrendering all that I could not control, I gracefully opened the gateway to learning that I am a highly sensitive being. As I honored myself and my sobriety journey, my unique gifts started to blossom; one of them happened to be the ability to be a conduit between humans and crystals. While I had no clue at the time of this gift, my mother did, when the vision came to her along with all the steps needed to start the creation of Mama Moon Rocks™. 

I made a promise to myself that I will ONLY do what sets my SOUL on FIRE!

After getting sober on 5/22/21, I was unsure what my purpose in life would be …
I continued to work as a nurse and had a strong desire to do something more with my deep passion to help others …
Being introduced to crystals by my mom, I found that I have become highly drawn to their energy!
Crystals have played a HUGE role in my healing process and recovery; they have become my true passion!

The realm of Mama Moon Rocks™ officially opened ...

While attending rehab, my mom created the idea of Mama Moon Rocks™ because she knew, even before I did, this was my calling. Inspired by my mom, she helped give me the courage to chase my dream, as I left all old behaviors behind. Stepping fully into the intention that “I will ONLY do what sets my SOUL on FIRE” the realm of Mama Moon Rocks officially opened in January of 2022. The magic of this journey of self-discovery, and becoming my true authentic self, has filled me with great passion that is often beyond words.  I am truly grateful for everyone’s love and support!  I am so thankful to be on this JOURNEY with all of you! 

Megan Meyer - Mama Moon Rocks
Megan Meyer and Mom
Megan Meyer and family (Mama Moon Rocks)
Megan Meyer and her family

My Love + My Littles

I have an amazing husband Josh (Papa Moon Rocks), daughter Luellen, stepdaughter Lauren, and stepson Logan. These powerful souls bring so much LOVE and LIGHT to my life. With them by my side, there’s never a dull moment within our family and a crystal-filled home.

The Journey Starts Here ...

What if you could learn how to transform your worries and fears into calm and grounded energy? That’s what we’ve built here just for YOU. Take a deep breath, let those shoulders relax, and allow us to show you the way with our alchemy of words and crystals!

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