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Crystal Energy: Nature’s Fascinating Gift For Children To Explore, Grow & Heal

children and crystals make magic - featured image

Children are total crystal champs! They’ve got this amazing way of tapping into the spiritual realm and creating a bond with crystals. It’s like they have some superpower that instantly sees crystals as living beings. And while most children are naturally drawn to crystals, some little wizards and magical children out there have a knack for working with these magical gems right from the get-go. All they need is the chance to let their imaginations run wild and explore the crystal kingdom.

Whether your child is highly creative or not, when they see or touch a crystal, they instantly tune into the energy and feel the vibrations and benefits of the crystal. While some crystals you might not see much of a response, it’s those that are meant for your child that you see the sparkle in the eye and know that your child is tapping into the crystal’s unique powers and basking in its super high vibration.

Some crystals are more buzzy, giving children the boost of energy needed. Others are gentle, delivering peace or the exact thing necessary. And several crystals are neutral and open the gateways to awakening your child’s gifts, talents, enhancing strengths, and more.

If you think you have a little crystal lover in your life, let them explore the crystals listed below so they can become a crystal guru:

Each Crystal Offers These Gifts Freely So Your Child Can Have A Magical Experience

Regardless of the type, style, or size, these sparkly wonders are like little zen buddies for children and thrive when they can be of service. Not only do they have the power to zap away all those negative vibes and more, they are safe and protective. Below, I share with you the core benefits that all crystals within the kingdom of crystals offer children of any age:

Calming And Grounding:

Crystals have calming properties that can help your child feel more grounded and focused. In addition, crystals and stones can clean, clear, and dissolve negative energies, including EMFs and artificial frequencies, allowing your child to experience tranquility. This can be particularly helpful for children who struggle with anxiety, hyperactivity, or difficulty sleeping.

Enhancing Creativity And Imagination:

Crystals stimulate creativity and imagination. Your child will experience a boost of positive energy when working with crystals that allow them to tap into their inner creativity. Even if they feel uninspired or struggling emotionally, crystals will transform any energy not serving them back to love and peace; the two main ingredients required for creativity and imagination to run freely.

Providing Comfort And Emotional Support:

Crystals have nurturing and soothing properties that can provide emotional support and comfort to your child, regardless of age. This can be particularly helpful during stress, emotional turmoil, or other emotional upheavals. If you are experiencing temper tantrums, if your family has undergone a massive change like divorce, or if your child is experiencing intense episodes of sadness, crystals can help bring the sunshine into their life and your home.

Promoting Physical Healing:

Crystals naturally offer healing properties that can help your child with a range of issues, from headaches, stomachaches, trauma, emotional distress, and more. Crystals provide grace, love, and other high vibrational energies for your child to experience ultimate healing. Note: While crystals should never be used in place of professional medical treatment, they can be a helpful companion to medical treatment and therapy for children.

Assist In Resolution:

Whether it’s sibling rivalry, rebellious actions like fibs or breaking the rules on purpose, or you wish to soften your child’s personality traits, crystals and stones can provide the energy needed to skip past nasty habits like being hurtful with their words, actions, or thoughts.

Develops Purpose:

Crystals naturally help your children develop into who they are meant to be and open the gateways to new opportunities. They also activate and enhance specific gifts, talents, and passions allowing your child to experience success when pursuing things that make them light up. If you wish for your child to become more adventurous, crystals will be the sidekick that activates their curiosity, helping them create their purpose and individual missions.

The possibilities and benefits of introducing crystals into your child’s life greatly outweigh the potential “growing pains” they will experience without them present in their life. And the great news is that every crystal offers the above in addition to each crystal’s unique energy signatures and gifts.

children and crystals by Mama Moon Rocks
From boosting focus and banishing anxiety to promoting peace and healing, crystals are the secret weapon every little champ needs.

Add Some Positivity And Sparkle To Your Child’s Life With These 12 Unique Crystals

Get ready to rock with these magical crystals and stones! The below crystal guide is the ultimate key to your child experiencing mindfulness, confidence, and spreading kindness to everyone they meet. Whether you’re picking out crystals for your little one or letting them choose their sparkly gem, get ready for some seriously good vibes!


Discover the wonder of moonstone! This magical stone boosts your child’s strength and bravery, creating a sense of security in their world. If your little one struggles with emotions, anxiety, or moments of doubt, moonstone’s loving powers will envelop them in serenity. Let your child find peace, both inside and out. Explore our moonstone crystals here!


Looking for a way to help your little ones find their zen? Look no further than sodalite! This tranquil crystal is perfect for promoting emotional balance and clarity in children. Plus, it’s known for boosting their self-esteem and confidence, so they can tackle anything that comes their way. If your kiddo has learning disabilities or struggles with anxiety or hyperactivity, sodalite is a total game-changer. It provides a sense of grounding and safety so that they can handle mental health challenges like a boss. Shop sodalite crystals and give your kids the gift of emotional superpowers!

Red Jasper

Ready to help your child stay grounded and focused? Red jasper has got their back, especially during those stressful times. This gem creates a magical sense of balance and allows your little one to stay centered throughout periods of physical growth and change. It’s a must-have for development and transitions, so grab some red jasper now! Shop our selection of red jasper.


Need to create a chill zone for your munchkin? Look no further than amethyst! This magical gem is like a stress ninja, kicking worries and fears to the curb. And it’s not just talk. Amethyst is known for its sleep-enhancing powers, banishing nightmares like a boss. So say goodbye to bedtime battles and hello to a blissful, peaceful night’s sleep. Get your kiddo their very own amethyst wonderland right here!

Black Tourmaline

Attention, parents! Say hello to black tourmaline, the ultimate BFF for your little ones. This mighty crystal creates a fortress of protection, keeping your kiddos grounded, focused, and shielded from pesky negative energies and emotions. Black tourmaline is their secret weapon if your child gets overwhelmed or bursts with hyper energy. Don’t wait; shop the power of black tourmaline here!


Bring some sunny vibes into your child’s world with citrine! This shiny crystal is about sharing happiness, optimism, and good vibes. It’ll make every day a fun-filled adventure for your little one. Not only does citrine help them stay on track and full of energy, but it also sparks their imagination and helps them make smart choices. Get your hands on some citrine crystal magic here!

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is like a superhero cape for your child’s emotions. This powerful crystal shields them from negative energy and guides them toward a happy, healthy state of mind. If your little one is feeling down, confused, or needs some peace, let black obsidian work its magic.

Rose Quartz

Introducing the ultimate must-have for your child – rose quartz! This enchanting stone creates a loving energy that instantly melts away any troubles. Say goodbye to pain and hello to peace for your little one. Whether they’re dealing with trauma, anxiety, or a tough time, rose quartz is the secret ingredient for processing and letting go of those heavy negative emotions. Snag some rose quartz for your child here.

Green Aventurine

Introducing the “Stone of Opportunity” – green aventurine! It’s like a superpower for your child, giving them the ultimate balance and empowerment. Watch as their leadership skills skyrocket and their emotions find their perfect harmony. This magical crystal is here to zap away depression and help conquer intellectual roadblocks. Say goodbye to negative vibes and hello to an energy boost like no other! Browse green aventurine here.


Get your little one feeling balanced and stable with malachite! This powerful stone supports your child through tough times and growing pains. Malachite boosts self-confidence and self-esteem and helps your child feel like the superhero they genuinely are. Plus, it’s a study buddy too! Keep those little minds focused and motivated with malachite by their side. View our malachite crystals here.

Clear Quartz

If you’re on the hunt for dazzling crystals to boost your child’s mental health, then clear quartz is the answer! This “master healer” can work wonders for your little one’s spiritual growth and emotional harmony. Whether they’re dealing with the blues, anxiety, or battling habits not for their highest good, clear quartz has got their back. Add this powerhouse crystal to their daily routine and watch the positive vibes flow! Browse all of our clear quartz here.

Tiger’s Eye

Looking to boost your child’s confidence? Want to help them make better decisions? Look no further than the tiger’s eye! This fantastic stone is not just for children; it’s for everyone! With its power to build self-esteem, enhance motivation, and keep kiddo grounded, tiger’s eye is a must-have for parents and youngsters alike. Shop tiger’s eye crystals here!

3 Easy Steps To Introduce Your Child To Crystals

1. Have a chat about crystals and their benefits
Encourage your child’s fascination with crystals by sparking a conversation about their benefits and energies. Stimulate curiosity by exploring how crystals can positively impact their life and observe which aspects capture their attention. If they are new to crystals, spark their interest by allowing them to play freely and pay attention to the particular crystals that grab their attention.

Mama Moon Rocks fans - children and crystals
My nephews select their own ‘feel good’ treasures of skull crystals, children’s bracelets, and more!

2. Browse and shop crystals at Mama Moon Rocks™
Children possess a heightened sensitivity to spiritual energies, surpassing that of adults. They possess a remarkable instinct to trust their intuition and naturally gravitate toward the ideal crystal for themselves. You can present them through photos of crystals in the Mama Moon Rocks™ online store. Guide them to personally choose their own crystal. You may want to limit their options in advance to prevent overwhelming them.

3. Teach them how to harness the power of crystals
Walk them through programming or setting an intention for their crystal with a specific goal, ensuring it always supports them with love, positivity, and protection. This process involves holding the crystal and deeply focusing on a desired outcome, visualizing it coming to fruition and using the power of feeling to transfer the energy into the crystal or stone.

Throughout their crystal journey, showcase the many ways they can utilize their crystal, highlighting all the unique healing properties. Educate them on how to properly maintain and cleanse their crystal or crystal collection. For example, at the end of the day, have your child gather the crystals they used for the day and shower them with loving energy so they can recharge. Once the cleansing is complete, have your child place them into a selenite bowl or on a charging plate so they can have their own cleansing bath. If your child prefers to have a crystal with them at all times, have them choose another crystal from their collection to sleep with.

A Handful Of Important Things To Remember If You Are New To Crystals

While crystals and stones can be pretty tough, it’s still important to teach your child about the dangers of throwing them.

If a crystal happens to break, no worries! Just have your child pick up the pieces and bury them in the yard, or you have a few other options;

  • You can recharge the crystal and bury the smaller pieces
  • You and your child can get creative and use them to make a cool pottery piece, a dream catcher, or a decoration for their pencils or other art supplies
  • You can put them in a houseplant
  • Or, you can keep using them as they are with a fresh new intention.

It’s important to communicate to your child that if a crystal or stone breaks for any reason that it’s not their fault; instead, it’s all part of their natural journey of the piece.

Empower Your Child To Explore The World Around Them While Gaining Valuable Insights About Themselves

Your child can establish vibrant relationships with crystals that allow beautiful gifts to blossom as they embark on exciting adventures in life. If you’re eager to explore the world of crystals and find the perfect crystals and stones to support your child’s journey through life, start browsing the Mama Moon Rocks™ online store. When it comes to crystals, we offer a variety of options to meet every child’s individual unique needs. 

Whether you’re captivated by the mysteries of the zodiacs and wish to help your child expand their natural talents with crystals aligned with their birth charts, or you want to grab a crystal with a specific intention, we have it all. We even have crystals shaped like animals, moons, stars, and more!

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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