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Out With The Old, In With The New; Crystals Quickly Remove Stagnation & Sabotaging Energies

crystals and sage can help clean your mind, body, energy and spirit

Showcasing Visual Beauty Is Just One Of The Many Things Crystal Jewelry Can Effortlessly Share With The Wearer

The beautiful thing about crystals, beyond their visual appeal, is that they give their ALL without questions, doubts, or holding back. When you engage with a crystal’s energy essence, it responds immediately, helping amplify your vitality, light, and love. These sparkling vessels are here to effortlessly remove any stagnation and sabotaging energies that might lead to the “winter blues” effect. If you opt to use your crystals actively, you’ll quickly see that you will radiate your natural essence easier and shine with purpose brighter.

Below, I share ways crystals can help clean and clear any energies you don’t want or need. I hope you can see that your Mama Moon Rocks™ crystals genuinely wish the best for you. They are willing to do whatever it takes to help you be at peace. And they deliver healings that go beyond words but can be felt in your human body and energy field.

Feeling Less Active? Use The Power Of Crystals In Your Life!

Life will appear more challenging and dull if you have become less active or are currently feeling stagnant. When this phase is present, it’s natural to lose inspiration to perform rituals that might help you feel your best daily.

If you’ve found that self-care or using your spiritual tools, like your powerful crystals, has gone by the wayside, there is a high chance that you have too much “old” in your energy and emotional fields. If these experiences and feelings are present, this does not mean you’ve done anything wrong. Instead, it is evidence that you are at the threshold of getting ready to birth a new experience if you choose.

If you opt to stay in the “old” energies, even when you know you need to take action or change your environment, you might find it easier to slip into non-beneficial habits. This all leads to reactivating sabotaging behaviors. You can quickly shift this “old” energy by working with tourmaline, obsidian, or shungite. Be sure to sage your crystals and stones before using them. For added energy acceleration, you can use a singing bowl from the Mama Moon Rocks™ sacred offerings collection to change the frequency of you and your environment.

Suppose you land in a realm of no sabotage. In that case, the crystals you select to work with will help slow down the energy of sabotaging behaviors and enhance the connection with your intuition. This energy shift will help you reactivate your dynamic will and get yourself back to honoring your truth, word, and actions.

For example, if you find that you are stuck and not feeling much love around you, you should work with moonstone, which is divine mother energy.

If you lack happiness or the will to see beauty in life, you can work with citrine, which is joy and sunshine energy.

purchase citrine crystal for happiness, positivity, and joy
These beautiful citrine pieces can assist you in making powerful changes and decisions in your magical realm of life.

It’s important to know that shifting your mindset or energy comes down to taking action. It doesn’t have to be a big action; it can be a small action like doing the dishes, so your sink is clean and clear.

Once you take action on one thing, your crystals tap deeper into your energy and amplify their unique offerings beyond their default mode. So, if you are in a moment of hesitation or lack of energy, do one small thing, and then your energy and mindset will shift.

Crystals Are Powerful Allies That Absorb Anything Not Needed

As powerful vessels of energy, born from the Earth, crystals spend their days absorbing all that surrounds them, and this is not limited to just light and dark; it is everything in-between too. In the simplest terms possible, crystals bring the energy of you and your environment together, making them powerful allies and manifesting conduits in everyday life.

Based on the sacred act of giving that crystals perform, we humans need to ensure the crystals we choose receive proper cleansing and recharging when necessary to assist them in being as powerful as they can be. You need to honor them often, set intentions of love and light for them, and cherish them always.

cleansing tip: smudging sage can bring peace when engaging with others
Feel peace inside and out by smudging sage during your spiritual ritual or daily hygiene routine.

Crystals Are Powerful Allies That Absorb Anything Not Needed

If life has a “crunchy” feeling, or you have slipped into a pattern of doing the same things repeatedly, these are signs that “old” energy has taken up too much residency in your body, energy field, and, more than likely, your home.

When this happens, you may feel unmotivated or more agitated than usual. The good news is that you can quickly transform the old energy into peace or tranquility with your healing crystals, allowing the space for new energy to flow in with the intention you set.

For example, you may wish to have more creativity in your life. If you sit with your crystals during this alchemizing transformation, you will likely get a glimpse into an idea or inspiration.

Suppose you want to be “at peace” with where you are within this moment versus questioning, doubting, or creating sabotaging thoughts. In that case, your crystal collection can help you reconnect with your intuition so that you can receive a mental and emotional breather allowing space for a new opportunity.
If you lack the will to “go” anywhere, sage yourself, your crystals, and the space you wish to work in. Ask for the assistance of your healing crystals and your spirit team. Set the intention of receiving assistance of the highest love and light. When you complete this process, sage again to ensure that all energies have been transformed to the highest vibrations possible.

Note: Crystals can deliver miracles time and time again with little to no effort if we are open to it. The miracles can be as simple as cleaning and clearing old energy or asking for relief from a specific alignment. As a best practice, be sure to sage your crystals when done so they can continue to create new possibilities in your life.

Ready To Bring More Love & Light Into Your Life? Shop These Crystals!

With regular use and cleansing, crystals will deliver a steady stream of power back into your life! Remember, crystals are always committed to discovering and uncovering the most profound, gentlest form of love. When you add any of these crystals from the Mama Moon Rocks™ shop to your collection, you’ll experience wonderful gifts of transformation again and again!

P.S. Want to teach and guide your crystals to be of service 24/7? Making a simple intention verbally like “I command the crystals within my home to provide love and peace to all passing by or entering into my home” will keep your crystals fully engaged and happy between your personal uses.

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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