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Looking For Deep Wisdom and Immediate Answers? Try Affirmation, Oracle & Tarot Cards

Affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards for sale by Mama Moon Rocks

Affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards are helpful, fun, and enlightening. These spiritual tools allow instant access to deep wisdom, often delivering immediate confirmation and ultimate clarity when you need it. Whether you are looking to add them to your daily rituals, pair them with your crystals collection, or make a spontaneous day date with your friends, the Mama Moon Rocks™ cards collection could quickly become your go to deck.

Below, I’ve provided some of the most common questions I receive when it comes to affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards. Take a browse and let your intuition help guide you in deciding if one of these spiritual tools needs to be part of your daily practice.

How do I know if affirmation, oracle, and tarot cards are for me?

If you find that you are ready to start listening more deeply and wish to experience your own interpretations, then the Mama Moon Rocks™ cards collection is worth visiting to see what sparks your interest.

If a specific card deck pops out to you, that is your sign that affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards want to co-create with you! It will happen almost instantaneously. You’ll be attracted to the colors, words, artwork, or energy surrounding the box of divinity cards.

Where can cards help me the most in making decisions?

While life has many decisions you must make, we often find ourselves at a crossroads where we have to decide if we are to go left or right. In this moment, we know that staying where we are is no longer an option, and that realization can cause us to freeze in hesitation. Know that this is perfectly normal when you are about to adventure in uncharted waters. In this situation, affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards from the Mama Moon Rocks™ cards collection can help you massively with a direct reading!

If you want your higher self to drive your decisions, you can create a question, intention, or command and then use your divinity cards to let your intuition provide the answer, guidance, and insights.

Can I use affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot card decks every day?

You bet you can! When using affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards in your daily practice, you can gain greater clarity and see the evidence that you are on the right path.

Often known for providing direct answers at just the moment you need to hear them, these spiritual tools can deliver insights you might never have considered during your reading ritual. This allows you to build a connection with your intuition and make the best choices so you can live a happy life!

Oracle cards for sale (Eternal Seeker Oracle Inspired By The Tarot's Major Arcana deck)
The Mama Moon Rocks™ online store offerings a variety of affirmation cards, oracle cards, and
tarot cards just like this one! Ready to start getting crystal clear answers?

No matter your current journey, season, or chapter, if you are open and receptive, you’ll find a deep comfort with each use of your card deck and find you are not just surviving in life but thriving as you make your dreams come true.

I’m new to divinity cards; how do I get started?

With most decks, it is best to let your intuition take the lead when using divinity cards. This means letting your human make the intention with each use of the deck and surrendering the answer to your higher self as you shuffle all the cards. This allows your hands to influence the divinity cards.

Here’s how it works! As the cards glide within your hands, your higher self adjusts the energy around your hands at just the right frequency, so the specific card, message, or wisdom lands at just the right timing. If you find that you are at a crossroads, try one of these card decks in making the decision, or if you’re not ready to decide just yet, simply ask the divinity cards to help you see what you wish to know! You’ll quickly find the card represents the exact answer you need.

The important thing to know about affirmation cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards from Mama Moon Rocks™ or anywhere else is that you cannot get the process of fortune telling or interpreting the reading wrong.

When you add one deck or several of the card decks to your practice, be sure to find a way to make the ritual of use uniquely your own. Below, I’ve provided some steps to getting started with using any divinity cards:

  1. Take a couple of deep breaths and allow your shoulder to soften
  2. Focus on your heart area – turning inward – listen to the rhythm of your heart
  3. Continue to breathe and place your card deck into your non-dominant hand
  4. Take one more inhale and open your mouth and exhale through your mouth, letting out all the air and energy
  5. Place your dominant hand over the deck, creating a soft closing of your hands around the entire deck
  6. Speak or say your question or command out loud or silently (if you like to journal, you can write your question down)For example:

    “What would you like me to focus on today?”

    “What do I need to know about the decision to sell my home?”

    You can also be a lot more direct, if that is your style, by stating a command:

    “Show me exactly what I need to know right now.”

  7. While shuffling the divinity cards, watch for any cards that flip out of your hands or make themselves known. (it is best not to doubt or question – you’ll know the cards that are meant for you)
  8. Look up the card or cards that revealed themselves to you. If you wish to go a bit deeper, you can reflect or journal on the specific answer.

If asking a question or setting command is not your style, you can use the theme instructions the artist of the card deck has created.

Is it safe to use a demo card deck or someone else's deck?

Absolutely! If you decide to give divinity cards a try before you buy them, you’ll want to ensure to clear out the energy of the previous user. Here are a few ways you can do just that:

State aloud or silently, I clean and clear all energies from these cards.”

Do you love visualization?

Imagine a bright white light surrounding the cards physically or mentally. If the light is a different color at first, continue to focus on the divinity cards with your bright white light until the color fades away, leaving only the bright white light you created.

Would you prefer to clear the cards physically?

  1. Place the standard deck of cards (artwork facedown) in your non-dominate hand
  2. Knock on the top of the deck three times
  3. Flip the cards over, and knock on the artwork side of the deck three times.
    (this clears all the energies front and back of the cards removing all old energies and intentions)
  4. Flip the divinity cards back over (face down)
  5. Ask your question, set your intention, or state your command.

Note: The knocking technique is my absolute favorite and can be done each time you use any tarot deck, including your own. When divinity cards are kept clean energy-wise, they will jump, flip, or shuffle with new spunky energy each time they are used.

Ready for an intimate conversation with your intuition?

When you are brave enough to see the truth and ready to dig deeper, searching for the true answers and nuggets of truth, you will find that life can become more peaceful as you strengthen your self-confidence and ability to perform your own card reading.

Need help selecting the perfect deck? If you find yourself looking for a different or new perspective, or want to engage in a deeper level of self-discovery, the Eternal Seeker Oracle: Inspired By The Tarot’s Major Arcana deck would be a great addition to your collection.

If you want confirmation that you are on the right path, take a peek at the The Star Tarot: Your Path To Self-Discovery Through Cosmic Symbolism deck.

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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