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Energy Vampires: Use Your Superpowers To Identify Them & Neutralize Their Spell

Neutralize Energy Vampires Quickly With Your Superpowers

Are you feeling drained and uneasy after interacting with a coworker, friend, or family member? If so, you could have an energy vampire in your life and not be aware of it. Energy vampires have one intention and one intention only; they wish to consume as much energy as possible from humans on auto-pilot, under the influence, or in a state of unawareness.

Energy Vampires 101: What They Are, How To Identify Them, Their Intentions & Cravings

You have the intuitive ability to spot energy vampires and have the power to eliminate them or rise above them if they are in your life. As you read the below, remember that you are powerful when living with integrity and honoring your truth daily.

By mastering your energy, you can protect yourself from energy vampires and become impervious to external influences so you maintain your well-being in any situation. Believe it or not, this state is within your reach! And remember, if you need additional assistance, there are spiritual tools that can assist you in staying grounded. (I provided some of them at the bottom of this article)

Now, let’s delve into everything you need to know about energy vampires and take control of your state of being once and for all!

Are Energy Vampires A Real Thing?

Energy vampires are not a myth; they are real and can drain the energy, passion, vitality, confidence, well-being, and life force of those around them. These toxic individuals use sneaky tactics to control and manipulate others, leaving them feeling like a shell of their former selves. With gaslighting being their weapon of choice, once someone becomes the focus of an energy vampire, they might feel extremely overwhelmed with anxiety, unhappiness, and insecurity. Luckily, you can protect yourself by keeping your vibration at the highest level possible.

What Is An Energy Vampire?

This type of persona or archetype is described as a human whose primary focus is to feed off the emotions and energy of others. Often, these draining individuals have low energy and are extremely negative. They typically cannot keep their own energy levels sustained based on the bad vibes they carry, so they find others who shine brightly and attempt to steal their energy to restore their own energy tank.

How Would I Know If I Am Around An Energy Vampire?

When in the presence of an energy vampire, you might suddenly feel drained of energy, joy, or light. Depending on the intention of the energy vampire, you might find yourself doing or saying things you might not usually do. This is one of the highly-skilled techniques they use to get those living at a high vibe and of integrity to drop down their vibration enough so the potential victim doesn’t have a chance to protect their energy levels.

Energy vampires can be highly charismatic at the beginning of any interaction, and those full of confidence and vitality often find themselves attracted to this type of persona. (think of the bad boy, the femme fatale, or the mesmerizing personas in movies or TV shows you find attractive even though you know they are up to no good) 

What Is The True Intention Of An Energy Vampire?

Energy Vampires need a constant source of energy that is a higher vibration level than their own to recharge their own energy. If they can get someone who is in alignment to commit acts that they know are not in alignment with their higher self, this is like them winning the lottery.

Another way they choose to manipulate or control is by getting someone not to honor their inner truth. This is the ultimate agenda of the energy vampire. They get their victim in a state of mental and emotional confusion.

If they can get their victim to perform regrettable actions, they can make their victims feel guilt or shame. This emotional state grants them unlimited access to all the energy they need. That is until their victim wakes up and starts living their life of integrity again.

If they cannot find someone at the highest vibration level to compromise, they will focus on someone or multiple people who are insecure, unhappy, and show signs of anxiety. Often, they will present themselves as the hero, savior, or someone who solves another’s life problems. They will assist in building the confidence of their potential victim to gain access to their life and emotional baggage so they can create the feeling of a chase or game.

What Does Energy Vampire Crave?

Energy vampires find those living a life of integrity and truth highly attractive. The higher the vibration, the brighter and more potent the personal power. The good news is that if you are at your highest vibration level possible, you will spot them quickly and can learn ways to avoid them (like making yourself invisible) before they perform their tricks.

If you find that you are in the presence of one and cannot get away, you will experience a light foggy or drowsy feeling similar to what you might encounter on a cloudy, rainy day. Know that this feeling is just an illusion they use to get you into a state of confusion.

You can eliminate this feeling using spiritual tools such as crystals, crystal-infused sprays, or other high-vibe products. If you don’t have them with you during the interaction, no worries; you can clear the energy by thought or action. (see below)

Thought: Think of the sunniest day you have ever experienced – feel the heat penetrate your back and slowly turn around, allowing that feeling of warmth to shift to your shoulder, then your face, and chest. Let the warmth cook away all negative energies. Take several deep breaths in this space of love, and when you are ready, open your eyes and continue your day.

Action: Imagine you are standing in a puddle of black tar. Wherever you are, start walking, and imagine the tar being transformed into light with each step you take. Mentally decide to eliminate all the unwanted and toxic energies attached to you. When you are ready, turn around, clap your hands once, and carry on with your day in peace and happiness.

5 Types Of Energy Vampires & Their MOs

These five types of energy vampires know how to make you drop your guard and lower your vibration, leaving you vulnerable to their energy-draining tactics. These individuals often possess a magnetic quality, drawing in high-energy individuals and leaving them feeling depleted. It’s like a classic movie villain – you know they’re up to no good, but there’s something irresistible about their charm and confidence. Learn and understand them, so you can either eliminate them from your realm or figure out how to live in balance when you are among them.

The Self Centered (a.k.a. The Narcissist)

This type of energy vampire sucks the air out of every room they enter. With an ego the size of Mount Everest, they love nothing more than talking about themselves 24/7.

They’re so hyper-focused on themselves that they can’t feel empathy or offer you any support. When you need someone to lean on during tough times, the narcissistic energy vampire is too emotionally immature and self-centered, making it hard for them to provide much-needed support.

If you’re in a close relationship with a narcissist energy vampire, you may feel overlooked, undervalued, and constantly not seen or heard. It would be best to practice self-love and self-care if you have decided to have a self-centered energy vampire present in your life.

The Drama Lovers

Step into the world of dramatic energy vampires, where every moment is an emotional rollercoaster. The emotional turmoil of a dramatic energy vampire is never-ending, and they have the gift of taking any situation, big or small, and turning it into a catastrophic tale.

When in the presence of this type of energy vampire, you might find yourself in the supporting cast of their personal dramas, often as the bystander, and hear the same story told a dozen times.

Each communication drama is amplified to the point of each situation being life or death. Complaints and criticism are the love language of dramatic energy vampires, and they instantly overshadow any happiness with the mention of something not being good enough.

When you decide to take a step back, they’ll find a way to create drama with you. When this happens, your communications can instantly become its own soap opera. If you find yourself in the presence of this type of energy vampire, it’s best to do short timeframes and learn to provide answers like “I can imagine that is difficult” or “That sounds intense.”

The Master Victim

It’s a tricky game dealing with those who always play the victim, add the persona of the energy vampire to the mix, and you’ll find yourself in the presence of someone who will perform incredible emotional and mental gymnastics to satisfy their behaviors, excuses, and problems.

Even with solid evidence, the master victim energy vampire can twist their way out of any responsibility placing the blame, shame, and guilt onto others. They struggle with even the slightest criticism and find comfort in sympathy rather than solutions.

This type of energy vampire is known for behaviors that make you constantly need to offer them advice and problem-solving solutions. But beware, this is a technique they use so they can actively reject each suggestion before even giving them a chance.

The master victim energy vampire is excellent at sucking your creative energy and mental stimuli. Stay neutral, pick your battles, and take care of your energy.

The Controlling Manipulators

Dealing with this type of energy vampire can be challenging and exhausting. These individuals make it seem like there’s only one correct way of doing things, their way, and they will leave you feeling like you constantly need their approval and validation.

When their manipulative tactics have taken root in your life, you might find that you constantly second-guess yourself, your decisions, and your actions.

Known for acting in extremes, this energy vampire might appear overly domineering or subtle one minute and then flip the switch next. This technique can leave you questioning if what you are experiencing with them is actually happening (think gaslighting X 1000); these persuasive, controlling manipulator energy vampires can undermine your confidence and lead to you doubting your beliefs and decision-making.

When communicating or working with this type of energy vampire, knowing and understanding your inner truth is essential. Sometimes, it can be helpful to write out words of affirmation that you can read in the bathroom when around them or ensure you have a technique you can implement so you know, understand, and stay the course of your north star.

The All Consuming Talkers

The all-consuming talking energy vampire often dominates discussions with their opinions, leaving little room for others to contribute. If you are vulnerable enough to speak up, your thoughts, ideas, or beliefs will be dismissed in their own favor.

Known for pivoting every discussion back to their points of view, this energy vampire leaves little to no space for silence.

With this type of energy vampire, it’s best to avoid calling them out on their behavior as there will be harsh consequences, such as being called out for insecurities that were not even part of the conversation.

It’s vital not to take things too personally with this energy vampire. If you do, they will use your reactions as power. If you stay around them too long, you might start to believe it is fun or exciting to be around them, leading to you becoming their new energy source.

If you decide to have an all-consuming talking energy vampire as part of your life, you need a consistent spiritual practice to activate neutrality. This will help you discern when to step back and allow their behaviors to slip off you.

5 Tale-Tell Signs Of An Energy Vampire

Looking out for energy vampires can be simple if you know what to look for; their toxic behaviors are the tell-tale signs of their existence, and they are so focused on their next prey they often don’t think they have to hide their behaviors. Watch for these warning signs to avoid getting drained by these energy-sucking individuals.

1. They make a game out of making you second-guess everything.

Let’s delve into the sinister world of gaslighting – the psychological tactic that can leave you questioning your sanity, reality, and intuition.

Known for leaving you second-guessing yourself and wondering if you got everything wrong, this wicked technique can cause real damage.

A skilled energy vampire that has mastered gaslighting can make you feel like you’re losing your mind or even your grip on reality itself. This insidious form of manipulation can be intentional or unintentional, but the result is always the same, you question everything.

2. They take passive-aggressive tactics to the next level.

Energy vampires won’t always say what they want; this is part of their game. Instead, they’ll twist your arm with manipulation tactics to get you to do what they want without actually verbalizing it with words.

Known for holding hidden expectations you will rarely ever meet; passive-aggressive tactics are an energy vampires tool of choice. They rarely speak their mind directly and typically have a secret agenda. Often, you are left attempting to read their mind, and when you don’t meet their unspoken needs, they’ll blame you for not fulfilling their unspoken desires.

3. Their words and actions are often extremely hurtful.

Energy vampires have a talent for dodging responsibility when they create chaos or pain, and they rarely own up to their mistakes and, instead, shift the blame onto others. This is where the danger of energy vampires lies, as they can cause extreme damage intentionally or unintentionally by refusing to acknowledge their hurtful actions or words.

If you attempt to confront them about their actions or harmful words, they’ll devise any excuse to ensure they’re not held accountable.

4. They find ways to make you feel guilty all the time.

Energy vampires have a sneaky trick up their sleeve – guilt. By making you feel like you need to apologize, they can slither their way out of taking any responsibility.

If an energy vampire has activated this technique, they know that apologies will be easy to access from you. This, in turn, lets them off the hook from taking any responsibility for their words, actions, or intentions. If this cycle is repeated too many times, it can create an addictive cycle where both of you will feed off the roles you play. If you get into this cycle too deep, you will turn against yourself, dimming your light.

Remember, you have the power to walk away if needed. If you opt to stay, be sure to find the spiritual practice or resources you need to manage your self-care and relationship.

5. They bully you into sharing personal or intimate information.

Energy vampires may initially seem curious, asking personal questions, but beware; this is often a ploy to gather the information they can use to control or manipulate you.

Access to personal information and deep secrets about you or others is the arsenal they want so they can make you feel guilty or shameful down the road. They will always start small with requests for sharing confidential details. Beware, they will eventually ask for details about those in your life, getting you to share information that was not yours to share in the first place.

Their ultimate intention is to get you out of the integrity of your higher self and become a master at gossip, so they feed off of your energy and the energy of others you have access to.

5 Ways To Deal With The Energy Vampires In Your Life

1. Create and hold clear boundaries.

When it comes to energy vampires, they thrive in the gray area and are masters at finding ways to cross into areas of your life that are off-limits. Creating and holding clear boundaries will not only help keep you grounded when you are around energy vampires. This will also help you limit their behavior’s negative impact on you.

Remember, they can only cross a threshold you do not protect, honor, and establish, so be clear in your communications and allowances. Limiting your presence with them is the best course of action if they respect your time and space.

2. Stay neutral and focused on facts.

Dealing with energy vampires can be draining, as they thrive on manipulating your feelings, but there’s a solution. Keep your cool and stick to the facts – think technical mindset. Instead of focusing on the emotions they evoke, focus on the agenda or solution.

By taking these concrete steps, you can stop energy vampires from depleting your energy and keep them within your set boundary.

3. Practice mindfulness and develop self-awareness.

Engaging in consistent mindfulness practices prevents you from getting sucked into the chase or game with an energy vampire.

When committed to identifying the emotional strings that another can pull, you strengthen your self-awareness, resiliency, and free will. By being willing to tune into your emotional reactions and deconstructing what buttons the energy vampires are attempting to push, you can stop their influence before it starts.

If you apply this strategy, the energy vampires will eventually get bored and move on as they realize they cannot manipulate or take advantage of you.

4. Talk to a coach, guide, therapist, or spiritual leader.

Dealing with energy vampires can be an absolute nightmare – especially when those energy vampires are family members or loved ones.

They can cause you to doubt yourself and feel worthless, draining you of your emotional reserves. They can also leave you feeling hopeless or powerless. Close bonds, especially blood bonds, with energy vampires can be toxic, stressful, and codependent if there are no boundaries or guidelines.

This is where talking with someone helps you determine the best next step. From creating healthy boundaries to finding a way for you to be emotionally OK with taking a step back from the relationship so you can analyze your relationship objectively, having someone in your corner who can hold a neutral and safe space can assist you in identifying patterns, emotional reactions, and breaking them once and for all.

5. Eliminate interaction or only communicate virtually.

Limiting face-to-face interactions is essential if the energy vampire currently in your life is a colleague, acquaintance, or family member. Ideally, you’ll want to communicate via email so you have time to prepare a response or process something received.

Getting under your skin is where energy vampires thrive. It’s best to avoid phone calls and text messages when you can, as energy vampires know they can throw out an insult or say bullish things and get you to respond with a defense – this fuels them.

If you must communicate with them in person, set non-negotiable boundaries about when and how you interact with them. It’s best to have a witness or another person as a buffer.

Before and after your visit, in-person or virtually, practice loving self-care by not pushing yourself too hard mentally or emotionally right after any communication. Your natural default will be to avoid processing the interaction; this is a mistake. The sooner you process, the quicker you can recharge and get back into alignment.

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Enter the mystical realm of crystal healing and spiritual tools where intentions run strong, and protection reigns supreme.

When you make crystals and other spiritual tools part of your daily routine, they become the ultimate loving bodyguard. They are committed to safeguarding your energy and well-being so you can be safe, happy, and thriving no matter who is in your presence. Imagine it, 24/7 protection from negative energy and emotional turbulence bolstered by a potent divine power; you will feel unstoppable.

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Make a relationship successful with an energy vampire.
If you are in a relationship with an energy vampire, self-care is the key to success. Finding love and being happy with an energy vampire is possible if you know your limits. When you find that your heart’s desire has taken you into the deep end of love, grab some crystal-infused lavender sage essential oil spray and make it part of your daily routine.

Get your personal power back in balance.
When an energy vampire in an environment influences you, you can rely on the crystal-infused sage essential oil spray to get the job done. This blend is enchanted with tiger eye stones and brings your personal power back into balance with each use.

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If your tank is already almost empty, yet you must communicate with someone in your life who is an energy vampire, then grab some dragon’s blood good fortune spray. This will charge up your field with the power of fortune and abundance, allowing your energy to skyrocket back to full in an instant.

Remove cords and karmic bonds so you can elevate higher.
When you have a toxic or traumatic history with an energy vampire, have a bottle of karma kleaner handy. When you mist this, the cords are cut, the bonds are removed, and you can find yourself returning to harmony where you can think, breathe, and feel at peace again.

How To Use: With the above offerings, I recommend you mist yourself front and back before or after interacting with an energy vampire.

If you find life is messier than the situations listed above, the Mama Moon Rocks™ shop has plenty of oils and sprays to help you stay grounded.

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How to Use: Once your gifts + kits arrive, open the packages, read all about the specific products and how to use them, and bam, you are ready to tackle your interactions with any energy vampire.

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When you discover many energy vampires surrounding you, you must proactively focus on getting your energy to the highest vibration possible and keeping it strong. With these Zodiac crystals and spiritual tools, you can live a prosperous life regardless of the type of energy that might be present in the room.

Empower Yourself & Take Control Of Your Life

Identifying energy vampires is an essential skill for anyone who wants to maintain a positive, energetic outlook on life. By learning to recognize the signs of an energy vampire and understanding their motivations, you can take steps to protect yourself and prioritize self-care.

Whether it’s setting boundaries, limiting your exposure to negative people, using crystals and other spiritual tools for an energy-boost, there are many ways to keep your energy levels high and your spirits lifted.

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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