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The Guide To Reduce Chaos & Find Peace During A Mercury Retrograde

an energetic guide to help any mercury retrograde - written by crystal expert Mama Moon Rocks

Known for shattering paradigms, activating spiritual lessons, and bringing unconscious drama, trauma, and chaos to the tip of your nose, it’s not surprising that Mercury retrograde gets a bad wrap!

Despite its often negative reputation, this planet’s retrograde motion presents more blessings than curses. While challenges and opportunities will be present to every human, if you are committed to living a life of awareness, the intensity of soul lessons born before, during, and after the Mercury retrograde cycle give you an empowerment boost to make your life golden.

The divine truth is we are NOT here to live a life filled with fear or constant pause. And, while it might appear we have much to fear, the reality is that we have unlimited magical blessings like the planets, their cycles, and their theme orchestras, that can help us create a beautiful experience and make meaningful and necessary self-improvement changes.

Read below to learn ways to navigate any Mercury retrograde cycle with wisdom and discernment;

Let Mama Moon Rocks™ Guide You Through This Cosmic Cycle: 5 Common ‘Mercury Is In Retrograde’ Questions

Before I dive deep into delivering ways to navigate any Mercury retrograde successfully, you need to know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ and technicalities of what is actually happening. See below for some of the most popular questions I get asked and the down-to-earn answers that might leave you slightly more curious than fearful of the Mercury retrograde cycles.

What Technically Happens When Mercury Is In Retrograde?

Occurring three times a year for three weeks each time, this planet (Mercury) means business regarding ascension, awakening, and rebirthing. While it may appear that Mercury is moving backward in our sky, it is actually not; it simply appears that way due to our perspective. As the fastest planet in the Solar System, Mercury completes a full orbit around the Sun every 88 days and can lap the Earth up to four times a year. 

When Mercury passes us, we experience an optical illusion similar to a faster car passing a slower vehicle, making it appear as if Mercury is moving backward briefly. This phenomenon is known as “Mercury is in retrograde”, or some shorten it for casualness by saying “Mercury retrograde.”

How Can My Life Be Affected When Mercury Is In Retrograde?

Known by many as causing trouble, Mercury’s most authentic intention is to give you the gift of expedited inner growth. As the most frequent planet to station retrograde, when navigating these periods with intentions and focus, you can heal the deepest of wounds, unlock your spiritual gifts, and create miracles of the impossible.

Before Mercury is in retrograde, it’s an excellent opportunity to determine and read your existing life forecast so you can identify the best way to navigate these periods. If you are feeling a little lost in life, the cycle of Mercury being in retrograde allows you to realign quickly.

Can I Leverage The Energy Of Mercury In Retrograde To Refine My Life?

Hell yeah! The essence of Mercury energy is to emphasize intellectual prowess and precision. When it is in retrograde, it offers the heightened ability to effectively review your life so you can determine if you are currently honoring yourself, the choices you’ve made so far, and your gift of life. Essentially, this cycle helps ensure you are presently walking YOUR path.

If you identify you are not in alignment mind, body, and soul wise, or you’ve elected to do things you’ve been told versus your true heart’s desire, impactful lessons will start to land in your life 3-5 days before Mercury is in retrograde. This lays the groundwork and creates the spiritual curriculum necessary to get you back into alignment with your higher self.

When Mercury is in retrograde, you have a second chance to embrace the inner depths of who you are with discernment, allowing you to self-reflect on the life you’ve created. This includes doing a deep inventory regarding the relationships you’ve invested your energy into and other creative ventures you’ve elected to manifest into your life.

This, as a whole, allows you to revisit previous actions, thoughts, and words and unleash your potential for improvement. It allows you to slow down when necessary and speed up to bust through upper limiters if new levels of consciousness are needed to guide you back home to yourself.

Where Does Mercury Rule On Earth?

Communication, communication, communication! Whether it be your thoughts, words, emails, or any tech or informational exchange systems, including your moolah (a.k.a. bank), you can bet that Mercury will be in the center of all of it.

This planet is known for governing the part of ourselves that rapidly absorbs and transmits information to others and ourselves (think of it as your mind communicating to the higher self, or higher self talking to your inner child, or one archetype speaking to another archetype).

During the retrograde phase, any communications not an energetic match to your inner truth will experience a harsh reverse flow of energy as Mercury commands ultimate truth. If there is friction or a fracture between what you want and what you are doing to get it, ideas and thoughts can become trapped within your mind, disrupting their delivery to others. This is why someone will say they get exhausted or fatigued or experience a foggy brain when Mercury is in retrograde. It is less about being tired and more about being in sync with your intentions, thoughts, and actions.

If you feel the feeling of depletion, exhaustion, or stagnation, speaking out loud will become difficult when Mercury is in retrograde. Writing or creating art might stop altogether, and you could experience being ‘trigger’ happy when sending off emails or text messages that are haphazardly hurtful, demeaning, or super confusing. The goal when Mercury is retrograde is for you to be in energetic alignment – create, speak, and take action with love as your focus.

Can I Still Manifest During Mercury Retrograde?

The answer is absolutely YES! The key is to get super clear on what you truly want versus what you’ve been told you might like. Clear as much drama, trauma, and chaos from your daily life – especially your mind – so you can confidently stand in the feeling of having the very thing you’re attempting to manifest. When you can become the energetic match for what you are looking to manifest, it gets closer. 

With Mercury retrograde active, the entire manifestation process is sped up like nitrous in a race car. Just remember, keep everything clean and clear because if you don’t cut ties with baggage and choose to dip into the drama, trauma, and chaos, you might find yourself manifesting even more of the sticky stuff!

Step 1: Make Peace With The Trifecta: Drama, Trauma & Chaos

If you are living, you are stepping into things ALL the time that can leave you in a learning environment. If you are not learning, you are likely sitting in the thick weeds of sabotage. When Mercury is in retrograde, the ultimate gift delivered is the opportunity to focus on the ‘good’ of everything. While you can expect some knocks and bumps, especially if you’re not honoring yourself, you can also get some leverage if you get familiar with the trifecta (drama, trauma, and chaos) and make peace with each of them. Here’s what you need to know so these don’t hinder your spiritual progress;

Drama: Known for breaking down barriers, shattering expectations, and creating hurricanes of erratic emotions.
If you are not aligned or in check with your higher self regularly, you will find that words and actions will be amplified with a high level of drama. Each action and intention will create a whirling wind of destruction, leaving you and everyone else experiencing massive compassion fatigue. Get into a regime of walking outside each day when Mercury is in retrograde so you can release and let go of all that is not yours. If you want to be proactive with your day, shift your spiritual practice or meditation to the morning before you communicate with anyone.

Trauma: Wherever you go, I will be there, ready and waiting.
If you’ve been avoiding or hiding from healing an aspect of your life, you can bet it will show up again and again. Before you get three smacks across your face, you’ll want to know what has held you back and bring awareness to it. Reflecting allows the intense energy of trauma to soften. This helps you get your bearings and understand what might be on the horizon when Mercury is in retrograde. When you have identified an area for improvement, focus on taking one step forward to gain control of the situation. This control is less about being mean or bullying and more about taking action, big or small, where you are in the driver’s seat of this seed of trauma.

Chaos: Delivering truth to your feet, with no mercy, and making you decide the next step.
If you wish to eliminate a whammy of a lesson you have already trekked through with success, remove yourself from being in the center of caring for everyone else. If you put others first versus yourself while Mercury is in retrograde, you’ll find that the drama will land at your feet repeatedly. You will also realize that you might no longer want these connections or relationships. Mercury will break down illusions and spells created by others and any fantasies you have made to keep the fiction in your life alive. Get real, put yourself first, and if you have not already created boundaries and codes of conduct for yourself, now is the time.

Some drama, trauma, and chaos lessons are needed and healthy for us to continue our ascension and growth. However, with that said, we are not here to be constantly struggling, suffering, and getting knocked in the forehead with the things that we no longer need to experience. Lean into understanding this trifecta (drama, trauma, and chaos) and find a way to become friends with each of them. 

This will give the awareness of experiencing “energy in” and “energy out” so you can see where you are giving too much of yourself, where you are not honoring your boundaries, and where your higher self has communicated to you that you need to move and you’ve decided to keep your feet planted where you no longer belong.

Step 2: Ride Waves Smoothly When Mercury Is In Retrograde With This Survival Guide

When it comes to any Mercury retrograde, it demands respect. If you decide not to honor its cycle, consciously or unconsciously, you might earn some energetic scars and intense soul lessons. Communication, the realm Mercury rules, governs and dictates all places in life. If you wish to ride the waves powerfully while Mercury is in retrograde, make the below survival guide your new sidekick;

Spend Time In Nature Daily

It’s important to remember that not everything is digital, and disconnecting from our devices and reconnecting with nature can help us reconnect with ourselves. This is the ultimate truth whether Mercury is in retrograde or not. Take a walk outside, observe the sky, or dip your toes in the ocean. By communicating with nature during any Mercury cycle, you’ll gain clarity and perspective, allowing you to tackle human-made challenges with grace, love, and discernment.

Understand And Honor Your Contracts

Although many say don’t sign contracts during Mercury retrograde, I say step into your power by understanding what you are signing, purchasing, and committing to. It’s not smart to pause life based on the cosmos – if you do, then you’ll create additional spiritual lessons that are not needed in the first place. Give all contracts, paperwork, emails, and communications the respect they deserve by reading them thoroughly. If you don’t understand something, ask the questions and get the answers you need before committing fully. And know that if the terms make you uneasy, that contract or co-creation might not be for you.

Pause Before You Speak

Recognize that expressing thoughts may be complex when Mercury is in retrograde, so be sure to show compassion and have patience for yourself and others. Take deep breaths and gather your thoughts when communicating in any form (verbally, text, email, etc.), especially if you are at a loss for words. Any perceived obstacles are temporary and can be easily moved through with success if you take time and create space to allow information to land and take root. If delivering a powerful speech, allocate at least five minutes of quiet time to center yourself. When looking for an extra boost of inspiration or neutrality, place a crystal in your pocket or hold it in your hand.

Bring In The Light With Candles

During heightened periods of stress and anxiety, particularly when Mercury is in retrograde, it’s crucial to adopt relaxation techniques to calm the mind. When the Mercury retrograde cycle is active, creating a spiritual practice involving candle therapy is advised. No matter your experience, you can consciously summon apprehensions, concerns, and fears to the surface while lighting the candle. After lighting the candle, aim to release all that no longer serves your highest good when extinguishing the flame.

Breathe Goodness With Aromatherapy

Mercury can exacerbate feelings of anxiety and unease that many of us experience in daily life. To achieve a state of calm and receptivity, turn to crystal-infused essential oils. Combining the benefits of high-quality essential oils with the energy of crystals yields a powerful formula for mental and physical relaxation. Whether you seek a sensory indulgence or a protective shield while Mercury is in retrograde, oils and sprays are the solution you need.

Create Space For Others

Mercury retrograde might compel us to keep speaking without letting others contribute to the conversation. It’s crucial to avoid hogging the conversation and keep an eye out for overloading others with your thoughts and ideas. Pause, catch a breath, and slow down so the words you genuinely want to share can break through. It’s essential to acknowledge and self-govern when you’re consuming all the attention. Make space for others to share, contribute, and share ideas. In addition, if you know someone struggling with communication while Mercury is in retrograde, be sure to send them positive energy to help them articulate their ideas. A balanced conversation involves ensuring that everyone feels heard and respected.

Be Open To Disruption Of All Sizes

If Mercury retrograde disrupts something in your world, don’t panic. If the energies were perfectly aligned, Mercury wouldn’t have been able to have any effect. If a mess appears in your life, it indicates that the elements were never in sync in the first place. This presents the opportunity to start anew with a more stable foundation that may even be impervious while Mercury is in retrograde and other challenges. During this cycle, take it easy, embrace nature, and stay open to the opportunities this cycle offers. Instead of being afraid, be enthusiastic about the chance to reorganize your life and expand your knowledge base. And, if you need some support, be sure to add spiritual tools to your life. Enjoy retrograding!

Make Time For Yourself To Reflect, Recharge, And Recommit

The phenomenon of Mercury retrograde yields the positive result of heightened introspection and self-reflection. During retrogrades, the flow of energy turns inward, allowing for greater access to one’s heart, intuition, and inner compass. Take advantage of this opportunity by dedicating time to journaling, pulling tarot cards, and delving into your spiritual practice. Start each morning by noting down your gratitude and affirmations, burning sage or incense, and working with your crystals and cards to get guidance for the day ahead. This practice will provide you with greater clarity, allowing you to easily navigate the day and sidestep the obstacles commonly associated with Mercury.

Recheck Your Calendar And Track Your Commitments

Time can be tricky, and an excellent teacher when Mercury is in retrograde. It will be easy to overlook important details and encounter scheduling mishaps such as missed flights, forgotten arrangements, and overlooked communications. To avoid unnecessary chaos and drama, I recommend double-checking all commitments. Also, if someone misses a meeting or runs late to lunch, it’s important to be empathetic; they might face scheduling difficulties birthed by Mercury in retrograde.

Add And Integrate Crystals Into Your Life

Integrating crystals into your daily routine is imperative if you seek a steady state of tranquility amid Mercury’s visit. Crystals organically offer potent protective energy, making them an indispensable spiritual tool at any phase of your journey. Though each crystal showcases a distinct energetic signature, some can sharpen your concentration and boost your intuitive prowess. Shop these crystals to anchor your humanness so you can readily face any hurdles that 2023 Mercury retrogrades hold.

If you’re looking for help selecting your crystals, browse our Mercury retrograde kit created to help you experience peace during any inner growth journey.

Step 3: Accelerate Inner Growth & Create Miracles By Learning Your Zodiac Forecast for The Mercury Retrogrades In 2023

Whether it’s the cosmic rumblings of Mercury retrograde or the challenges of everyday life on Earth, it’s essential to remember that you possess the ability to craft a peaceful existence. To accelerate your inner growth and create miracles during any Mercury retrograde, find your Zodiac sign below, and read the wisdom for 2023 Mercury retrogrades;

shop by zodiacs - aquarius zodiac

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Attention Aquarius, recharge your battery as your energy levels will be low during Mercury retrogrades of 2023, whether you are aligned or not. Prioritize self-care and rejuvenate your passion. There might be some grouchiness within the home and potential project setbacks if you do not prioritize your wellness.

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shop by zodiac - pisces zodiac

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Pisces, you may experience vertigo, prompting a need to re-ground yourself. If it shows up, use it as an opportunity to reset your focus. Mercury’s influence in 2023 will cause disorientation impacting your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions. Active a spiritual practice or an exercise regime if you don’t already have one.

<< shop Pisces here >>

shop by zodiacs - aries zodiac

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

During Mercury retrogrades, it’s time to exercise caution and proceed with care. While you love festivities and fresh beginnings may have energized you, it’s best to anticipate some mix-ups, and if you don’t take the time to pause, you might find that the lessons will be in your wealth container. During the cycles, pay close attention to every expenditure and verify every financial transaction thrice to avoid untoward surprises or setbacks.

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shop by zodiac - taurus zodiac

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Taking a relaxing break or indulging in your strengths during the Mercury retrogrades of 2023 is your best action. This will reduce any mishaps or sticky situations regarding projects, plans, or commitments. If you are in the thick of drama, trauma, and chaos, embrace the situation and let yourself go with the flow.

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shop by zodiacs - gemini zodiac

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

It is advisable to evaluate your well-being, dear Gemini. Mercury’s influence will strongly trigger your concerns and uncertainties if you have not given them space to surface. Prioritize your psychological welfare, and don’t let untold secrets steal any more time or energy from you. Stay proactive and avoid being haunted by unresolved situations. 

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shop by zodiacs - cancer zodiac

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Mercury retrogrades of 2023 invite you to be cautious of potential social disturbances. During this time, miscommunications regarding friendships and social engagements may arise. While there may be opportunities to reconnect with old friends and romantic partners, it is best to use discernment if investing energy in the ‘old’ is the best step forward. Stay on guard to navigate potential mischief and stay aware to avoid unwarranted complications.

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shop by zodiac - leo zodiac

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)

The presence of Mercury may bring about disruptions or miscommunications in professional pursuits. Be prepared for complications such as delays, conflicts with superiors, or unpleasant information regarding your aspirations. These potential roadblocks should not be blown out of proportion. If messy situations arrive, handle them with grace.

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shop by zodiac - virgo zodiac

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

Attention, Virgo! Storms are on the horizon during the Mercury retrogrades of 2023. Expect the potential of disagreements with others and possible frustrations in the things that bring you passion. Be alert, prepared, and make discernment with your friend. Remember, there isn’t an argument if there is only one side. Stay grounded and keep your watchful eye on the horizon.

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shop by zodiac - libra zodiac

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

During any Mercury retrograde of 2023, you might feel a significant imbalance, so be on high alert regarding trust issues and use discernment when sharing problems that could frustrate your finances. You may experience an unequal dynamic when it comes to relationships, prompting a closer look at your trust and communication patterns. Evaluate your relationships with care; if an expiration date has shown itself, it’s best to honor it.

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shop by zodiac - scorpio zodiac

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Scorpio, fasten your seat belt as Mercury in 2023 is about to stir up discord and instability in your relationships. This planet will induce confusion and disruption in your relationships and partnerships, potentially bringing new friction or old problems. Stay vigilant about who enters your life during this challenging period.

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shop by zodiac - sagittarius zodiac

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Sagittarius, brace yourself as Mercury may cause professional setbacks and work-related complications when it comes to coworkers and responsibilities. Expect some difficulties dealing with colleagues and tasks. Opportunities to revive old professional connections may present themselves. Act on them promptly to maximize your leverage, and remember to remain calm during all Mercury retrogrades of 2023.

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shop by zodiacs - capricorn zodiac

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Capricorn, caution must be exercised with relations and unsettled business. As Mercury creates turmoil in your love life and desires, don’t lose heart if a recent connection suddenly becomes unresponsive or a former flame hesitates to reconnect. In addition, if an ex-lover or friend reconsiders their decision, don’t let this deter you. Stay vigilant about your love life and interests.

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Navigate Periods of Transition with Ease and Grace

When it comes to any cycle, whether Mercury or a growth period, I encourage you to view it all from a place of discernment instead of fear or worry, embrace the potential for expansion, and take control of your life so you can experience peace. Be sure to invest in harmonious relationships and embrace a life full of love, regardless of Mercury or any other planet’s status. Here’s to your success in creating a fulfilling life.
Peace, Love, & Crystals


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