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Positive Energy Gifts + Kits For Love, Protection & More

purchase positive energy gifts like crystals, sage, oils, high vibe jewelry in our Gifts Kits collection

With the Mama Moon Rocks™ gifts + kits collection, you can boost energy, deliver peace, and share unconditional love creatively with spiritual tools like healing crystals, incenses, oils, and more! Each product in the gifts + kits collection offers healing energies that can be used daily or during a specific season for yourself or someone else! When selecting one of the Mama Moon Rocks™ gifts + kits offerings, you’ll want to hold the intention to bring positive energy to the receiver. This serves the highest good of all involved.

If you want to express gratitude for those you love, wish to thank someone for their kindness, or treat yourself to some positive energy goodies, the powerful guide below can help you select just the right combination of crystals, essential oils, candles, and more!

The Mama Moon Rocks™ Gifts + Kits Collection Is Powerful

With the deepest intentions of positive vibes, love, peace, and healing, every kit holds a unique energy of the intention listed. You can deepen the intention after your purchase or make a whole new intention via words, like writing out positive affirmations, an inspiring quote, or a statement like “I want more courage.” This can make the intention unique to a specific season, reason, or meaning!

Whether you are buying for yourself, a spiritual person, or someone else, it’s best to let inspiration, passion, and love be the driver during your shopping experience. Allowing your intuition to guide you brings magical crystals and positive energy gift ideas to the forefront for effortless healing.

If you or a friend in your life is seeking a profound shift in the mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic field, consider purchasing more than one of these offerings to get started.

The Secret Powers of Our Positive Energy Gift Ideas

These powerful protection kits have everything needed to prevent negative energies, harmful intentions, and anything seen or unseen that might be trying to steal your peace! If you are ready to say ‘no’ to trauma, drama, and all heavy energies, these protection kits are the ideal spiritual tool to help protect your good energy and environment from harmful interference!

Do you want to experience more of the truest joy in life; love? If the answer is yes, then these self-love kits are made just for YOU. These kits can help create genuine, natural love for yourself and others, allowing your relationships to blossom with ease and flow like a flower in sunlight. These kits are a must-have if you are ready to live with an open and receptive heart!

We pick up on energies from our environments, things, people, and stress. Some energies feel peaceful and loving. Others, like negative energy, can feel heavy and dull, leaving us exhausted, doubtful, or confused. Whether you are an empath or not, you must stay clean and centered daily to have a mood of light and love. The great news is these cleansing kits can be your daily go-to allowing room for more peace! If you want to clear your mental, emotional, and energetic field (i.e., your aura) and the physical atmosphere around you, these kits can do the trick!

Want to relieve stress, remove trauma, and eliminate negative energies within your physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, and spiritual bodies? These 7 chakra sets can provide all the healing energy one needs to experience more happiness in life. Whether you are just getting started with knowing what chakras are or if you’ve been in energy healing for a while, these all-in-one kits make the ritual of cleansing and clearing easy.

You can also carry them anywhere you go allowing a healthy, natural feeling of positive vibes!

These positive energy kits are the perfect way to stay protected on your next adventure. Whether traveling to meet friends for a night out, commuting back home after work every day, or taking a journey across the country solo, these car & travel protection kits can keep negativity away, allowing only good vibes and feelings to surround you!

If you are staying the night in a hotel room, a friend’s house, or anywhere other than your sacred space, place one of these kits under your pillow as you sleep for added peace of mind.

(Grief Crystal Kit, Mercury Retrograde Survival, Palo Santo Stick Bundle W/Matches, and Abundance & Prosperity)
Grief Crystal Kit

The effects of grief and conflict are present in every part of your body, and it’s essential to have spiritual tools that can help ease sorrow, provide comfort to our mental health, and deliver the energetic support required for emotional healing. This grief crystal kit includes all that is needed to heal a broken heart and heal blockages that prevent all things that matter to you from coming to fruition.

positive energy gifts mercury retrograde survival kit

Whether you are empathetic or not, things can get overwhelming during Mercury retrogrades. From technology fizzing out to communication getting dramatic and energies being super heightened, mercury retrogrades can sometimes feel like a circus. With the Mercury retrograde survival kit, you can bring balance before chaos has an opportunity to start. This kit has all you need to experience positive effects during the next Mercury retrograde.

If you are someone who is highly sensitive to feeling everything around you, this can be added to your daily practice.

Palo Santo Stick Bundle w: Matches

This mystical, spiritual tool, known for its woody and citrus smell, has the most potent healing potential when combined with the purest intentions. The Palo Santo Stick Bundle W/ Matches kit includes everything you need to transform your thoughts, emotions, anxiety, and intentions into the highest, most creative, positive energy possible. This kit is a must-have if you are ready to purify and re-energize your energy, your meditation room, and the atmosphere around you!

If you find that you have no motivation, this kit can help relieve the stagnate and heavy energies allowing you to smile once again.

Abundance & Prosperity Kit

Whether you want more money or wish to meet your amazing soul mate, the Abundance & Prosperity Kit contains all that is needed to manifest positive vibes and whatever you desire the most! Be sure to set a clear intention before using this powerful kit so you can manifest your way to a more fulfilling life.

The Perfect Gift Says, "I Appreciate You"

Whether it is a birthday, starting a new chapter in life celebration, simply a token of gratitude, or a surprise gift, each of the above fun offerings will say “I appreciate you” and make the most meaningful occasions and crossroads sparkle and shine with divine light!

What better way to show appreciation for someone than with a thoughtful gift of high-quality crystals and other positive energy products from Mama Moon Rocks™? From birthdays and weddings, holidays, and any other event or occasion, the positive energy gifts + kits collection will impress, inspire, and let those you admire and love know that they are awesome and add positivity to your life.

More About Mama Moon Rocks™

Mama Moon Rocks™ is an online shop that offers the finest gift-giving experience through inspirational healing crystals, candles, and other spiritual tools. Whether you are shopping for yourself or another person, we believe these kits and gift set offerings can enhance moods creating good vibes and profound healing for all involved including the world.

Need help determining what positive energy gifts + kits your friend, family member, co-worker, or a new person in your life needs? We can pick one for them. Contact us, answer a few questions, and we’ll do the rest!

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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