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Ready To Awaken? View These 2023 articles To Find Your Deepest Potential, Clarity, & Ancient Wisdom

As we bid farewell to 2023, let us delve into the realm of spiritual guidance, self-discovery, and introspection. With Mama Moon Rocks, discover profound insights about yourself and your inner being by tapping into the wisdom found in the articles below. Whether you seek emotional stability through crystal therapy, desire to access ancient knowledge, aim to enhance your child’s well-being, or yearn to embark on a transformative journey of positivity, love, peace, mindfulness, and healing, these precious gems will accompany you every step of the way.

4 Dedicated Spirit Guides Here To Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening & Personal Growth

Wish to gain in-depth knowledge of yourself and your inner self? Harnessing the guidance of these four types of spirit guides has been a popular practice for centuries among various cultures. Engaging with them can unlock powerful wisdom in yourself and help you process and understand the world around you. Spirit guides help highlight areas where growth or transformation is needed and, when necessary, provide direct yet loving guidance to help you break through barriers and limitations. Together and individually, they support you and deliver additional love and support when it’s needed. Each of these guides will submerge you in profound wisdom about who you are and assist you build your resilience.

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Christmas Gift Guide - crystals, spiritual tools, and gifts for holiday season

Christmas Gift Guide: Find Meaningful & High Vibe Presents for Your Tribe

Get ready to experience the true spirit of Christmas as you connect with loved ones and celebrate your special bonds! This is your chance to spread love and joy through meaningful gifts that align with higher vibrations. It’s time to embrace self-awareness and wholeness and make a difference in the lives of your tribe members by giving from the heart. When shopping, follow your intuition and discover the perfect presents in our Christmas gift guide. Ready to shop? Explore our Christmas gift guide now!

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Spirit animal guides can fuel your lives and spiritual growth

Connect with Your Spirit Animal Guides: Discover and Enhance Your Natural Instincts

Whether you’re looking for emotional support and guidance or wish to connect to ancient wisdom, spirit animals are here to help guide and support you along your journey. If you are ready to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and what spirit animals can offer you, this article is for you!

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Transform Your Crystals: 5 Simple + Powerful Cleansing Techniques

Attention crystal lovers! Delve into the world of crystal care with this in-depth article. By applying one of these five cleansing techniques, you can effectively rid your crystals of negative energy and enhance their immense powers to new levels. Additionally, this article explores the concept of crystal programming and how it works. Prepare to become a professional light warrior and witness your crystals flourish with your love and attention. Embrace the world of crystal care and unlock their true potential now!

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children and crystals make magic - featured image

Crystal Energy: Nature’s Fascinating Gift For Children To Explore, Grow & Heal

Ready to sprinkle some crystal magic into your child’s world? Brace yourself for an epic adventure of positivity, love, peace, mindfulness, and healing! With crystals by their side, your little ones will be protected, empowered, curious, and grounded. Dive into this article to discover the power of crystal energy for your child.

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5 Effective Strategies To Defend Against Psychic Attacks & Dissolve Negative Energy

Learn powerful techniques to defend yourself from harmful energies and prevent psychic attacks. By living authentically, adopting a consistent spiritual practice, and raising your vibration, you can dissolve the negative and maintain the positive. Discover how to set intentions, cleanse your energy and space, seek assistance from higher powers, and use spiritual tools like crystals and talismans for powerful protection.

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an energetic guide to help any mercury retrograde - written by crystal expert Mama Moon Rocks

The Guide To Reduce Chaos & Find Peace During A Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is known for delivering chaos and transformations of all sizes before, during, and after the retrograde cycle. To harness Mercury’s energetic potential, this comprehensive guide details tactics for remedying long-held wounds, activating spiritual gifts, and achieving full harmony of mind, body, and soul. If you seek to reclaim control and transcend current limitations, this article serves as the ultimate roadmap.

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Neutralize Energy Vampires Quickly With Your Superpowers

Energy Vampires: Use Your Superpowers To Identify Them & Neutralize Their Spell

Identifying an energy vampire can be tricky sometimes, especially if they are charming or enchanting. If you feel instantly drained, down in the dumps out of the blue, extremely moody, or questioning your worth after spending time with someone, you more than likely have been in the presence of an energy vampire. In this article, you’ll learn all about energy vampires (what they are, how to identify them, and their intentions & cravings). It’s time to prioritize self-care so no matter who crosses your path, you’ll be unaffected by their presence.

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cleansing: selenite crystals have the power to heal, recharge, and transform anything

Selenite Crystals Take Healing To The Next Level

The road of life often presents challenging moments that require healing. But even these difficult experiences can bring positive transformation – we can learn to live more openly, love deeper, become more aware, and affirm our truth. If your current path involves healing or transformation work, this article is a must-read! Learn how selenite crystals can be a nurturing presence while you travel your transformative journey.

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crystals and sage can help clean your mind, body, energy and spirit

Out With The Old, In With The New; Crystals Quickly Remove Stagnation & Sabotaging Energies

If you’re looking for a way to radiate your natural essence and shine with purpose, crystals are the answer! Your crystals are willing to do whatever it takes to help you be at peace; this includes quickly removing any stagnant or sabotaging energies. If you wish to be out with the old so the NEW can flow in, this article is for you!

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May this new year bring you all that your heart desires, fulfilling your needs and wants. I wish you an abundance of blessings, serenity, and rejuvenation!

Peace, Love, & Crystals


Still Looking For Wisdom & Guidance? Our 2022 Articles Below Hold Answers, Clarity & Gems Galore ...

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Shop By Zodiacs: Ready For A Life Of Healing, Positivity & Enlightenment?

Ready to unlock your inner power and potential while activating positive energy in ALL areas of life? If so, our Shop By Zodiacs collection is just for YOU! Each crystal and stone is aligned perfectly with a specific Zodiac to ensure clarity, strength, healing, and more during self-discovery and enlightenment moments. Discover the crystals and stones that can amplify your resiliency, enhance your intentions for healing, and bring more high vibes into every aspect of your life.

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Smudging Sage Is A MUST During The Holiday Season. Here’s Why!

The holidays can be a joyous time, but they can also be energetically challenging with chaos and drama. If unprepared, you can feel overwhelmed, chaotic, and highly irritable. Learn how proactively cleansing your energy by smudging sage can transform others’ negative energies into love and light, allowing you to feel bright and festive all season long!

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3 Most Powerful Crystals For Decisions, Transformations & New Beginnings

energy and help you confidently make decisions. Each crystal can assist you in magical ways, and when combined, you’ll experience a surge of grounding energy to help you with any new beginning.

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Positive Energy Gifts + Kits For Love, Protection & More

Mama Moon Rocks™ is an online shop that offers a loving and impactful gift-giving experience through inspirational healing crystals and other spiritual tools. Whether you are shopping for yourself or another person, we believe our gifts+ kits collection can enhance moods creating good vibes with profound healing to all involved. Here’s a simple yet magical overview of our positive energy gifts + kits collection.

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The Power Of Smell + Energy: Elevate Your Life With Crystal-Infused Essential Oils

If you want to relax and expand in ALL the good ways, a crystal-infused essential oils are your answer! With the combination of high-quality essential oils + high vibe crystals, you (and your environment) will smell divine, allowing your mind, body, and soul to get back into alignment effortlessly. Learn how crystal-infused essential oils can change your life!

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Looking For Deep Wisdom and Immediate Answers? Try Affirmation, Oracle & Tarot Cards

Ready for an intimate conversation with your intuition? Within this article, I share how affirmation, oracle, and tarot cards can be a help, fun, and enlightening. Whether this spiritual tool becomes an everyday go-to or you wish to engage your card deck when you have a specific question, deep wisdom is just one shuffle away!

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2 Crystal Jewelry Collections For Bringing Strength To Your Life

Crystal jewelry is beautiful, Divinely perfect, and powerful in the realm of energy! Known for more than the sparkle you see, these two crystal jewelry collections can effortlessly provide healing, protection, and profound wisdom again and again if the wearer is open, receive, and READY.

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What Crystals Are Best For Protection?

Sometimes people will throw their bad energy on you ‘just cause’, leaving you feeling tired, depleted, and a bit shaky. Don’t let this stop you from shining brightly, fearlessly – you are here for a reason – so RISE and learn about the two most powerful pieces that can assist you in protecting your aura, mind, & body.

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