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Selenite Crystals Take Healing To The Next Level

cleansing: selenite crystals have the power to heal, recharge, and transform anything

In any journey, healing is a part of the gig. While it might not seem like it at the time, the experiences that lead you to heal also help you love deeper, become more aware and honor yourself and your truth. If you are at the gateway of healing or in the thick of a transformation, adding selenite crystals to your crystal collection and meditation practice can help you experience a calming presence during any healing journey.

Selenite can transform negativity, darkness, and stagnation into divine light and allow you to open up your awareness so that you stay connected with your intuition. This connection is especially vital during the vulnerable process of change and healing. This multi-skilled crystal also helps create clarity around any decisions that need to be made during any transition period so that you can courageously move forward, knowing you have the confidence, resiliency, and wisdom you need.

Below, I share what makes this crystal the go-to for you to take your healing to the next level. Whether you seek to transform trauma energies or wish to release the past so you can thrive in your present and future, this shimmering stone of liquid light can help shift oppressive energies and heal all that is no longer for your highest good.

The Gift Of Selenite: Cleansing, Protection & Awareness

What is selenite? This crystal is a type of mineral gypsum that typically has a crystalline structure. Its name comes from the Greek goddess Selene, who was associated with the moon due to its soft white color and reflective properties.

What is selenite used for? Selenite is often used as a cleansing crystal to remove negative energies from a person, an environment, and objects. In addition to its cleansing properties, selenite can also be used to protect against negative energies.

Selenite crystals also have a unique role in gently and steadily recharging or boosting other crystals lacking energy. By simply being near your existing crystals, the selenite can provide an entire power-up that will reconnect your crystals to the earth and fill them with loving light energy. Whether you’re attempting to awaken your sleepy crystals (yep, they sleep and rest just like us humans) or you wish to revitalize fading go-to crystals, selenite can dazzle your crystal collection with brilliant recharging light. Place your crystal near the beloved cleansing selenite or use a recharging plate for an instant power bath.

What are the superpowers of selenite? While many use selenite for its cleansing power, it is an excellent tool for spiritual growth and inner awareness as it opens your consciousness to new experiences and insights. Using selenite crystals during meditation or spiritual practices can help you connect more deeply with your higher self and access higher states of awareness. If you wish to access ancient wisdom, healing modalities, or other knowledge you would not know within your current reality, using selenite in your daily practice can help you get direct access to exactly what you need when you need it.

Benefits of Utilizing Selenite During Healing & Transformation

When going through any significant transformation in life – whether by choice or not – you may feel lost and confused about what’s happening. Finding spiritual tools, like highly vibrational crystals, can assist you in grounding yourself, so you stay present in your existing reality while navigating the healing process. Below are several benefits of having selenite crystals during any healing or transformation:

  • Provides calm energy whenever needed – Keeping selenite crystals nearby can provide comfort, allowing you to tap into its grounding.
  • Helps you feel lighter and more energized instantly – No matter how sluggish, dim, or foggy-brained you might feel, this crystal can transmute all that no longer serves, so only loving divine light surrounds you.
  • Cleanses the atmosphere – If you often feel weighed down or burdened by negative energy in your environment, this crystal can offer a blast of divine light to clear any space, including land.
  • Assists in eliminating fear, limiting beliefs, and drama – During vulnerable times, selenite crystals can help you stay focused on the positive aspects of your journey rather than getting caught up in all the elements that can hold you back or lead to sabotage.

Selenite Eases An Unexpected Life Change Or Initiation

If you have not already experienced it, there will come a time when you will experience an unexpected life change or initiation. It might appear as an abrupt career change, an unexpected divorce, a spiritual awakening, or an initiation where everything starts to crumble at your feet.

The beginning of any life-changing experience can be jarring and leave you questioning every aspect of your life, including past choices and decisions. If you go down that rabbit hole, you might wonder if you made mistakes in your past that caused the impact of where you are today – in the eye of the hurricane of life.

While questioning everything seems logical and the best next step, it’s more beneficial for you to take action on one thing you know needs to be done. It can be as simple as washing the dishes, taking the dog for a walk, or dropping off donations. The goal is to move your body as this action breaks up thought patterns and emotions as we focus on the task at hand.

If you experience the questioning pattern often, this creates a feeling of ‘lost energy‘ activating the heavy and stagnant energy uncertainty. Think of a thick black, gray cloud that hovers over your crown/head. This energy of uncertainty dims your connection to divine light and intuitive abilities. When you stay in this state for long periods of time, it can make you feel helpless and hopeless. To help soften this intense experience, having a spiritual practice or ritual like morning or evening chores can help anchor you back into tranquility.

If you are currently experiencing this type of transformation or initiation, selenite is an illuminating source of positivity that can help you feel the light even if you are surrounded by what appears to be total darkness.

The Mama Moon Rocks™ online store has the perfect selenite crystals for any situation.

Selenite Can Free You From Negativity & Unhelpful Behaviors

This beautiful crystal has become an ally and gentle spiritual tool for all walks of life within the human realm. As one of the most empowering crystals, selenite effortlessly cleans, clears, and removes all negative energy and elements, not for your highest good. Imagine experiencing an intense life change without having to ‘feel’ the difficulty of it; this is one of the many gifts of selenite.

With its master skills, this crystal aligns you to the highest vibration possible, allowing you to connect easily with your higher self and experience ultimate peace. This can be particularly helpful if you are empathic or highly sensitive to energy or work in energetically challenging environments, as selenite creates a protective shield around you, helping keep negative energy at bay.

Another hidden talent of selenite is its ability to elevate your thoughts, re-program outdated paradigms, release generational programming, and shatter limitations of all forms.

Feel The Support & Love Of Selenite

Whether chosen or not, transformations will come no matter where you are in your healing journey. These experiences allow us to deepen our understanding of ourselves and step into our power. A supportive crystal like selenite can bring deep wisdom and love so genuine growth can take hold. Shop the Mama Moon Rocks™ selenite crystals here.


Peace, Love, & Crystals

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