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Smudging Sage Is A MUST During The Holiday Season. Here’s Why!

cleansing tip: smudging sage can bring peace when engaging with others

‘Tis the season for a little bit of crazy, a lot of impatience, and the potential for some massive stress and negative energies!

While the holiday season is a magical time of year, this season can take you from feeling “light and love” to “dark and dim” if one does not prepare for the chaos and drama others can create. It takes significant self-care work, lots of self-love, and efficient grounding practices like smudging sage to be at peace when engaging with others.

The really awesome news is that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed, heavy, or dull during the holiday season or anytime. Below, I’m sharing some insights on why you need to proactively clean up any unwanted energy that might occur as you gather and connect with others.

add burning sage smudge stick or sage bundles to your day
Feel peace inside and out by spraying or smudging sage during your spiritual ritual or daily hygiene routine.

Set The Stage For A Magical Holiday Season

Balance makes it easy to see the magic of the holiday season. You might love the soft music and the sparkly lights, enjoy gathering with friends and family, and thrive on creating new memories. The “feel goods” genuinely do feel good, allowing you to be at peace and prosper.

The other side of the holiday season is that others might bring dark, toxic, negative, and heavy energies to your feet. This could be an intentional act as they see you vibing high and loving life or don’t respect you; however, in most cases, the root of this behavior is not about you at all. Instead, the other person has chosen not to honor their inner truth, which causes suffering.

These dark and negative energies emitted by someone often hold the stagnant power of traumas, dramas, grievances, and sometimes regrets. It’s important to know this so that you can create a safe distance when you are able. Please know that you are not the source of others’ unhappiness, so don’t take it personally if you experience someone with bad vibes or a destructive pattern.

If you are loving life, you’ll want to ensure you are burning sage as part of your daily practice, so these heavy energies don’t come anywhere near you. Better yet, we recommend carrying a sage stick with you as you journey your day so you can complete a quick smudging ritual no matter where you are.

If you are at a family gathering, you might feel like you don’t have any other option but to hang around. If this is you, be sure to add some of the Mama Moon Rocks™ sage to your shopping cart so you can clear negativity quickly.

Smudging Sage Creates Certainty and Love In Any Situation

You can take proactive steps to clean up any toxic, negative, or unwanted residue created by another deliberately or by accident.

Creating a ritual like smudging sage before and after a gathering of other humans can help transform all yucky, toxic, and harmful into high-vibe, healing energies! You can make the overwhelming feeling dissipate immediately, creating the positive energy of certainty and love.

The act of smudging sage clears energy and instantly brings energy back to balance so your light and body can shine brightly once again.

The grounding of any sage smudging ceremony creates space for deep healing and the ancient knowing that you can transform your energy with little to no effort. This deep knowing is powerful, and as the smoke fills your living space and body, you’ll experience all the health benefits and removal of any mood disorders or unharmonious frequencies.

If you add the burning of a sage smudge stick or sage bundle to your daily or weekly rituals, you will become a master who can clear negative energy. You’ll also find that “the crazy” around you will soften and you can breathe, connect, and enjoy the holiday a little more.

Step 1: Bulletproof Your Energy Before You Engage With The World

We often jump right into the external world, which leaves us wide open for any disruption or chaos to play with our energy. If you are an empathetic human, this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, drained of joy, and burned out almost immediately.

The key to being around anyone, toxic energy or not, is to get yourself grounded first. You can do this by creating a spiritual practice of burning sage, applying crystal-infused essential oil, burning a daily incense, or tuning into your crystals.

Once you are in balance, you become almost bulletproof energetically. This state of grounded + balance is needed anytime you connect with others in person, via phone call, or text message.

Step 2: Honor Your Internal Signals Or Face The Consequences

When you get the signal, it is time to go – there are no if, and, or buts about it – it’s time to go! If you hesitate, there will be consequences.

One trap you might find yourself in, especially if you are an empathetic human, is staying around toxic people for way too long. When we stay beyond our threshold, a lot of drama can hatch within our thoughts, feelings, and energy. If you are suddenly irritable or start complaining about something when you rarely use this behavior, these are valid signs that you have stayed around someone too long and need a cleansing.

The good news is that a smudge session with sage can clear the unwanted energies instantly, allowing your energy to go back into harmony and balance. While the benefits of lighting a sage smudge stick or burning a sage bundle are limitless, adding this ritual with essential oils or other spiritual tools can amplify the healing power.

Step 3: Ditch The Guilt And Honor Your Needs

You might feel you don’t have permission to walk away, especially if surrounded by a family member, boss, or an old flame. While each situation is uniquely different, you must listen to the signals of your intuition. If you don’t, the consequence of staying around negative or toxic energy too long can be intense.

Know that it is not rude to walk away when you need to. Listening to your internal needs by walking away is honoring yourself. The key is to excuse yourself with the intention of grace and compassion.

If you feel uncomfortable with not knowing what to say to get out of your situation, express that you need to go to the bathroom and do just that. Create a mini sacred space within the bathroom by cleansing your hands with warm water and spritzing some sage spray if you don’t like smoke. Take a few inhales and exhales of air to reset, and when you have experienced all the benefits of this mini cleansing, walk out the door, balanced and refreshed.

Shop For Sage Smudge Kits To Cleanse Your Energy:

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If you have people coming into your house or personal space, check out our protection kit, which includes California white sage and other powerhouse crystals. The smoke from this sage will cleanse your house from top to bottom.

Remove Negativity And Promote Positivity With Mama Moon Rocks™ Sage Bundles

Whether you are in the thick of holidays or not, we are built for connection. It is best to honor your well-being and learn how to clean and clear your energy and your sacred space so you can mingle without concerns about other energies. Luckily, the Mama Moon Rocks™ online store has just the solution: sage.

Whether you burn it or spray it, sage is powerful and has been used since the beginning of time to clear away all unwanted energies in the air and surrounding realms

Peace, Love, & Crystals


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